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Welcome to the dark future of Earth. The last hope of mankind rests in the hands of an elite force of cyborgs code named: Run Sabers. Created with a superior strength, powers, and abilities, these warriors are sent against impossible odds to stop a warped scientist from fouling the entire planet.

Join Allen the Thunder Saber and Sheena the Ice Saber on their world wide quest to stop the super-mutant armies and their evil master, Dr. Bruford. Armed with indestructible blades, our heroes delve into a world infested with mutated monstrosities.

Either try your luck at a solo mission, or team up with a friend to slice and dice the mad doctor's army of darkness in all-out, 2-player action! Collect power-ups, health kits and more as you battle your way through five stages and make your way to Bruford's hidden fortress. And remember, never drop your guard!

Dateline: Earth 2998 A.D.
In the year 2998, the Earth's atmosphere had become so contaminated with toxic pollution that the Earth was on the verge of a complete ecological breakdown. Mankind's only hope for recovery was a last resort new technology developed by Dr. Gordon Bruford known as "The Earth Renaissance Project". This revolutionary program would clean up the Earth's surface and harness the universal energy source: Fusion.

To convert to fusion energy, the Earth's stratosphere would have to be subjected to lethal amounts of radioactive energy. To survive this period, mankind would have to leave the planet and put life on Earth in a one year cold sleep.

But something went terribly wrong. In an effort to gain total control of the Earth, Dr. Bruford secretly stayed behind and subjected himself to massive amounts of radiation. His genetic makeup was completely changed, he mutated himself into a powerful and evil being, completely erasing all signs of humanity. The new "Dr. Bruford" began cloning mutants to build an army to aid in fulfilling his evil plans.

The world's greatest scientists studied with horror the scanner pictures which were placed to monitor the Earth's progress. Conventional weaponry was deemed useless against Bruford and his army of mutant clones. Project Run Saber was soon commenced, the purpose: to create cyborg warriors with spectacular weaponry and abilities that would infiltrate Brufords's installations and take back the Earth.

Three prototypes were developed and sent to Earth. Unfortunately, Kurtz (Flair Saber), had a defective parasite defense apparatus and was captured by Bruford to be used against the rest of the Run Saber Force. Only two remain: Allen (Thunder Saber) and Sheena (Ice Saber). The future of mankind lays in their hands! Good luck, Run Saber warriors.

--From the SNES Run Saber instruction manual.

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Dr. Bruford has made a fatal error. His attempt to help the world by combining Biotissue with robots has gone severely wrong and now his creations are terrorizing the world. Now he must activate one of his former creations, the Run Sabers. Two genetically enhanced warriors with powers over ice and thunder. It's up to them now to save the world. Be careful though, the first Run Saber has gone defective and is now insanely murderous and may be behind what's happening. Good Luck.
Run Saber is one of the lost classics of SNES. It is similar in gameplay to Strider. The graphics of this game are extremely good, with wonderful detail on the bosses. The music in this game is good and keeps with the sci-fi theme of the game. All in all, if you like Strider you will love this game.


Run Saber is a Sci-fi action platformer that lets you take control of one of two genetically enhanced warriors: Allen, who controls thunder for his power attack; and Sheena, who controls ice. With two-player mode, you and a friend can take control of both characters and play co-operatively. Run through five levels, which include Taj Base, Tong City, Jod Valley, Grey Fac, and Bruford's lab. to save the world from genetic cyborgs that are terrorizing the world. Fight your way through each level to get the boss, which include the Bio-Jet, the Skull Bride, Bio Worm, and Kurtz. Kurtz is the first Run Saber, who went defective and is now killing all who oppose him and his rule over the monsters. Most bosses are huge screen filling monsters, and fight with a pattern which should be learned for effective destruction. Kurtz is the exception and is the same size as the characters. He still fights with a pattern you must take advantage of. Along your way you will find power ups that do different things, from giving you a larger sword, giving you more power attacks, and health pellets that refill your health meter. Power attacks are large attacks that hit everyone on the screen, these come in handy when fighting a boss. I highly recommend this game for a good time. So sit down, Log in, and Have fun.

B Button JUMP
L Button SLIDE
R Button SLIDE
Start Button PAUSE
Select Button NOTHING
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