Saturday Night Slam Masters 1994 By: Capcom

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It's not all that bad of a game. It lacks a great deal of content and material, but it was a nice attempt by capcom to enter wrestling. Many of the characters have some sort of tie to Street Fighter or Final Fight. Haggar makes an appearance and Biff refers to Zangeif if defeated. That is enough to keep you entertained. The music is sort of catchy until you hear it repeat it's self again and again. It can be an annoying reminder of how difficult the game is or how bad you are at it. It also lacks any plot and maneuvers. Basically hitting one button repeatedly will win a match. Keep in mind it was difficult to make a wrestling game at this time, with no detail, graphics, and many of the buttons we have now (X O [] /\ Anyone?) However the game did remind me of Smackdown VS. Raw being on the Market. All in all if you like fighters, especially arcade style, you'll enjoy this.

A 6 out of 10


If you have ever played a wrestling, beat'em up, or fighting game in your life you know the directions to this game. Simply beat down your opponent using an array of attacks, jumps, and grappling moves until their health bar is completely diminished, then go for the pin. Make sure your not too early or that no one is around to kick you out of the pin. Hit the 3 count and become the champ, after defeating everyone on the circuit. A classic Street Fighter like game, maybe that's because it's made by capcom?

A Button Pin/Flip To Pin
B Button Jump
X Button N/A
Y Button Attack/Grapple
L Button N/A
R Button N/A
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Easy Way To New York!
Start Single Match and lose. When you continue choose the person who you purposefully lost to and you will go to the next arena. Keep doing this until you face Jumbo Jack. It will not work when you face The Scorpion or Jumbo Jack because they are not selectable on the select character screen.
More Damage Temporarily
Walk to the ropes while fighting and press pin. Your wrestler should turn red in color and now do more damage!
More Damage 2
Pause the game when your move hits, this will inflict more damage on your opponent!
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