Shadowrun 1993 By: Data East

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Psst... hey, chummer--need a little extra cred? There's always room for another runner in the sprawl, but only experts need apply. It's a nasty world out there and Shadowrunner wannabes are just waitin' ta get geeked. Still interested? Then stick around--things are just about ta heat up, and there's plenty of nuyen waitin' where the action is.

Welcome to the streets of Seattle, more than 50 years into the future. A lot has changed in the last half-century. Most of it for the worst. Arcologies the size of small cities house the giant Megacorps and their employees, who, for the most part, live a pretty safe and routine life. The real action takes place on the streets below--in the shadows. For the right amount of nuyen, you can buy adventurers-for-hire, called Shadowrunners, to do anything.

The Shadowrunners range from cutting-edge cyborgs to spell-casting mages, some of whom aren't even human. In fact, Metahumans have played a huge part in this world since the "awakening" years ago, when magical beings such as elves, trolls, dwarves, and orcs began to resurface after lying dormant for centuries. All this results in a constant struggle between magic and technology, a balance that the world desperately fights to maintain.

In Shadowrun, you take the role of Jake Armatage, a runner with amnesia who must put the pieces of his own mystery together to stay alive. You'll find help along the way, but never put your trust in anyone--you never can tell who's already been bought and paid for.

--From the SNES Shadowrun instruction manual.

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