Shaq Fu 1994 By: Electronic Arts

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Long ago, in a place called the Second World, lives an evil sorceror named Sett Ra. Being bored with ruling the Second World, he wanted to rule the First World, which is Earth. He gathered a group of fighters and captured Nazu. Now the Chosen One must enter the Second World and rescue the boy Nazu. And that Chosen One happens to be playing for the Orlando Magic...

Fight as Shaquille O'Neal, Center of the Orlando Magic, (ten years ago) as you travel to the Second World and defeat Sett Ra. Although many say that this is a very bad game... trust me, I've seen worse.


In Duel mode, take control of Shaq, Kaori, Beast, Mephis, Voodoo, Rajah, or Sett Ra as you battle one-on-one against a human opponents or a set of computer opponents.

In Story mode, control Shaq as you quest through the Second World to fight various computer opponents in a storyline.

In Tournament mode, take up to you and up to seven other fighters and pin them in an elimination tournament.

A Button Power Kick
B Button Fast Kick
X Button Power Punch
Y Button Fast Punch
L Button Move Boost
R Button Taunt
Start Button Pause
Select Button n/a
Blood Code
Like the Sega versions of the original Mortal Kombat, Shaq Fu has an actual blood code! At the options screen, quickly press Y, X, B, A, L, and R. If the screen flashes red, you did it correctly. If you didn't, try again.
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