SimCity 2000 1993 By: Maxis

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Welcome to the Simworld. You are in charge of building a city that will grow and eventually gather sims from all over the sim world. But it isn't easy. You have to make sure your sims are happy and safe. You must build power plants, police stations, roads, and every single object that a real human would use in real life. We've all said we could do better than our leaders - here's your chance to prove it.

So you built your sandcastles and cities in the sandbox when you were a little kid. Now, you sit at a computer and build huge virtual cities with virtual people. As the leader, your controls are pretty hard to get used to, believe me. And it's really hard to figure the game out, so I'll let you know how to start a good city in the directions. Also, one more thing, the music is pretty annoying.


When I started playing SimCity 2000 for the PC, I didn't know how to run the city right. Chances are you're just going to build a bunch of roads and power plants and hope things work their ways out. No, it's not that easy. You're going to build your city the right way. First, start by going to the "R", the "C", and the "I". the "R" stands for residential, where the sims live. Set up some property where the sims can build their homes. The "C" is for commercial, where sims can buy their groceries and where teens get their first job. Build these so sims have things to buy, plus it adds revenue so you can build more things, adding onto the money you start with. The "I" is for industrial, so that's where sims work, industrial stuff includes factories, and stuff like that. Lay down the property boundaries where industrial stuff can be built. But be careful! Don't stuff them together. Build some roads in between so cars can drive by. Also, make sure you build a power plant, because Residential, Business, and industrial buildings don't come with generators. You start with several types, depending what time period you start in (1900, 1950, 2000, and 2050 are the time periods) you choose what kind to build. Also, make sure you build at least one police station, one fire department, one school and one hospital. If you don't, your sims will think your city is bad and they'll move away. And one last thing, if your city's population grows big enough, good things happen.....

A Button Select, Choose property size
B Button Toggle Map and building Menu, Cancel Selection
X Button Move map
Y Button Not used
Start Button Start Menu
Select Button Not used
Water Pipes!
The people will tell you what you need to build by the things they complain about. It's usually water pipes.
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