Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare 1993 By: Acclaim

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Since Bart is such an hard-working little boy, he has promised to do his homework in time....even if he has to stay up all night. The problem is that he drops out after about a quarter of an hour and goes to sleep with the face pressed to the desk. Then a really strange thing start to happen...

The books flies out of the window and Bart jumps after... Gosh, dude this ain't no's a nightmare. Bart's own nightmare.

The only chance to escape the horrible dream is to find the homework that is spreaded all ways in the Windworld and to face the challanges in the marvellous Other Worldworlds. It's worlds like no-one ever seen before and the challange is totally incredible.

You must find and collect all the books and papers. There's no point coming to school with a half-done homework. Show them that you can make it, Bart! Bet on the victory, or at least a D in grades Don't give up until you passed through the whole nightmare. It might not be like reality and may look hopeless, but what can you do but play along. Get to it, man!

--From the SNES Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare instruction manual.

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