SkyBlazer 1993 By: Activision

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Before the dawn of history, in an age when great sorcerers walked the lands and mystic creatures abounded, the world existed in a constant state of turmoil and war.

The evil Ashura and his powerful warlords waged an eternal war to crush the Mystic Pantheon and stamp out the light of reason once and for all.

Eventually a great sorcerer, Sky-Lord, arose and defeated Ashura, banishing him from the realm forever. Centuries passed, cities rose and fell and eventually even the great deeds of the Mystic Pantheon and the evil Ashura passed into legend.

Until one day, a gifted apprentice sorcerer inadvertently freed Ashura from imprisonment. One by one Ashura began to capture and irrevocably transform the descendants of the Mystic Pantheon, making them his evil warlords.

As the last free descendant, you are Sky, set upon a quest to free the young sorceress Arianna and face Ashura in mortal combat to end his tyrannical rule once and for all.

--From the SNES SkyBlazer instruction manual.

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Sky is a very powerful, strong warrior. His kingdom has been taken over by the Devil and his partner, Raglan. They took the mighty sorceress princess with the help of Raglan's strongest minion, Ashura. Sky now must save the princess and stop these evil minions!


This game is a sidesscrolling action platform game. You can use different attack combos, such as punching and kicking. While in the air, you can kick, too! You'll eventually get to a boss, which you'll have to fight. (Duh!) If you beat the bosses, you can gain new spells, such as healing, lightning, and others! Collect the diamonds, also. Why? Collect 100 diamonds to get an extra life. When going to a new continent, you get to go to a bonus stage, which takes place in the sky!

A Button No use
B Button Jump
X Button Use magic
Y Button Punch/Kick (push rapidly to kick)
L Button Change between spells
R Button Change between spells
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button No use
Last Level With 30 Lives
Go to the password screen. There, you have to match the colored squares. Then press Start
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