Space Invaders 1994 By: Taito

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Taito and Nintendo have brought back the classic Space Invaders game, with very little modification. An incredibly popular game when it was first released, Space Invaders has inspired many reproductions over the years, although this type of game has been eclipsed by modern graphics-heavy, music-laden games.
In any case, the subtitle, "The Original Game," is pretty much the truth. The graphics are almost identical to the original Atari release. There is almost no animation, things just move back and forth on the screen. There is no background music, also true to the original, but the original sound effects are there, and still amazingly good for such a simple game.
The main difference is that this new edition has a competitive two-player mode. Not only can you take turns and compete for points, but you can face-off in a side-by-side split screen contest, in the tradition of Tetris and Dr. Mario.
If you like a game of survival and high scores, and if you like direct competition outside of the fighting game genre, then give Space Invaders a try. You'll love it!

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