Spawn 1995 By: Capcom

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Based on the comic book series by Todd McFarlane! In this game, thirteen different kids are kidnapped. Spawn, the anti-superhero, goes and finds the culprit! As you keep playing, you get deeper into the story as it evolves.


Kind of like any beat-em-up game. You fight the baddies and use a different variety of moves, such as the chain whip and the Fire Blast! A very challenging game for all, this is worth a look, even if you're not a Todd McFarlane or Spawn fan!

Heal - Hold Block, press Up, then press Down and release Block at the same time

Fire Blast - Hold Block, press Down, Down-Right, Right and Punch (standard Ryu
fireball motion). Throws a small fireball in a straight line

Burning Fist - Hold Block, then press Left, Right and Punch. Spawn winds up and
throws a HIGHLY damaging short range punch

Tinkerbell - Hold Down, then press Block and any Kick at the same time. A
homing star emerges, following nearby enemies. Detonate the star with any button

Full Force Blast - Hold Block, then press down, down-left, left and punch. Four
fireballs that mildly track your enemies

Fire Storm - Hold Block, then press Left, Down-Left, Down, Down-Right, Right
and Kick. Engulfs you in fire and shoots you straight upward. Very useful for
moving yourself up to high ledges

Searing Fist Blast - Hold Block, then press Right, Right-Up, Up, Left-Up,
Left and Punch. Damages all enemies on the screen

Teleportation - Hold Block, press Up, roll the control pad in a counterclockwise
circle back to Up, Kick. Turns you into a floating, invincible Spawn emblem for
a short period. Also automatically kicks in when you fall off a bottomless pit

A Button Light Kick
B Button Jump, Glide while falling
X Button Heavy Punch
Y Button Heavy Kick
L Button Light punch
R Button Block
Start Button Choose choice on main menu, pause/unpause
Level 9 with max power
Enter this password at the PASSWORD screen: 4F9GCG1D
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