Spider-Man / Venom: Maximum Carnage 1994 By: Acclaim

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A 14 issue mini-series. A great super-hero. An awesome anti-hero. Combine all that together and you get Maximum Carnage. Cletus Cassidy is a psychotic killer being held in a mental asylum. On one nasty night a red symbiont (Venom's son) fuses with Cassidy to create Carnage. Carnage, along with Doppleganger and Demigoblin (just to name a few) are terrorizing New York City. Who out there can stop them? Only Spider-man, of course. Well, with the help of Venom and a few others, they can save his beloved city from destruction.
Well, this is a pretty straightforward beat emÂ’ up. It reminds me of Streets of Rage. The graphics are good (nothing special), but they let you know who is who.


You take on enemies with little variety, most are different models with different colors. Do not let that keep you away, though, this game is a very good adaptation of the comic series. Spider man and Venom have only a select amount of moves, including: punching, kicking, web shield, and a move to slam two enemies into each other. You can also swing on your web/suit to zip through a section and swing kick people. You should also note that Venom uses his suit and not webbing in this. You will also pick up health packs (very limited) and one-ups. There is no save/password feature, so fight well.

A Button Tap to fire webbing. Hold to form shield. (Venom) Tap to extend arm and grab enemy
B Button Jump. Release from web when swinging, or release from wall when climbing
X Button Swing from web
Y Button Punch, pick up object, or throw object/enemy
L Button Scroll through super heroes you can summon
R Button Summon selected super hero
Start Button Pause game
Select ButtonSelect hero
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