Street Combat 1993 By: Irem

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If you think that this is a mix between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, you're dead wrong. Here's how the game works. When you start, you can choose from two fighters...I mean one fighter with two sets of clothing. After that, the game starts. It's the usual "win two rounds and proceed" fare. You don't get the controls found in most fighting games, which really sucks. Instead, they are more like a brawler. The funny thing about this game is when you hold the arrow keys or D-pad in a upper corner while pressing the kick button, the character hovers and puts one of his feet way up in the air. Here are the rest of my thoughts. The game is worse than I expected. I can't even play as my opponents, which really makes me mad. Remember, don't expect Chun-Li to perform her Level 3 combo on Liu Kang in Street Combat. One more thing: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME!!


Like in most fighting games, beat all your opponents one at a time.

A Button Special
B Button Kick
X Button Jump
Y Button Punch
L Button Block
R Button Block
Start Button Pause
Select Button Select Menu Items
50 Extra Credits
Go to "Options" and press Select on "Credits" 10 times.
More Two Player Options
Highlight "2 Players" and press L+R+Start at the same time.
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