Super Adventure Island 1992 By: Hudson Soft

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Master Higgins is back in his wildest and greatest adventure of all! His girlfriend, Jeannie Jungle, has been turned to stone by the evil Dark Cloak. Now he must leap into action to defeat the scores of guardian animals and monsters that protect the wicked wizard.
Join Master Higgins as he reaches new heights of adventure on his high flying skateboard. Speed through underground caves in a crazy mine car ride! Go from tropical shores to the belly of a whale - all in search of his final battle with the mad magician, Dark Cloak!
Secret Bonus Rounds restore power and award points to our high jumping hero!
Terrible traps and gigantic villains await your next move!
Wondrous graphics and spectacular music highlight this 16-bit epic adventure!

--from the back cover of Super Adventure Island

Super Adventure Island is just what it claims to be - Super. Super Adventure Island is a great addition to the series; it plays much like all three of its counterparts, only better. Superior graphics, much more like cartoons; also better sound, and improved game play.
Now the story line is similar to the first three, only the names have changed, and it is some type of flying mage or something that has stolen the girl. The weapons have gotten better, and the more you collect, the stronger it gets, so grab all the weapons you can. Have fun in this action packed game, and anyone who loved the first three should love Super Adventure Island.


Just like all the other Adventure Islands, keep moving or you will die. Collect fruit and other foods to keep you going strong. Collect weapons along the way. Plus you still have your old skateboard.

A Button Fire/Use Weapon
B Button Jump
X Button Jump
Y Button Fire/Use Weapon
L Button Nothing
R Button Nothing
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing
Level Select
Hold L + Right + X, then press Start on the second title screen
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