Super James Pond 1993 By: Millenium-VectorDean

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Dr. Maybe is back! We have learned from Washington and the U.N. that he has taken over the Central Toy Factory on the North Pole, and has sabotaged an unknown number of toys disguised as penguins with tiny but lethal explosive charges. If they are not diffused within 48 hours they will be distributed throughout the globe and wreak havoc throughout Christmas.

Your mission is tough but straightforward. Infiltrate the factory and free the penguins.

Here are your mission assignments. They include all the information we've been able to get from our spies inside the factories. Remember, we don't have the Keys to each Factory, but when you rescue the toys in one, Maybe's short circuited security system unlocks the next door for you!

We have been informed that there is a factory section, hidden on the blueprint plans of the castle. We can give you no information of its whereabouts, but this section must be found to fully complete your task.

You will need your new RoboCod RoboSuit to aid you in your mission, so dust it off and get ready!


--From the SNES Super James Pond instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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