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After saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and the rest of the Koopas in Super Mario 3, Mario and Luigi needed to recuperate from their adventures. Together they agreed that the best place to vacation was a magical place called Dinosaur Land.

But while Mario and Luigi reclined on the beach for a relaxing nap, Princess Toadstool disappeared, apparently seized by evil forces. After searching for hours for their missing friend, Mario and Luigi came upon an enormous egg in the forest.

Suddenly the egg hatched, and out popped a young dinosaur named YOSHI, who proceeded to tell Mario and Luigi a sad tale of how his dinosaur pals were sealed in similar eggs by a group of monsterous turtles.

"Monsterous turtles!" exclaimed Luigi. "Bowser and his bunch have returned!" Mario slowly nodded his head in agreement and, along with Luigi and Yoshi, set off across Dinosaur Land to find the Princess and to free Yoshi's friends. As they began their journey, Yoshi handed Mario a beautiful cape. "This may help you," Yoshi said. "Some say it has magical powers."

With a little luck (and help from a magic cape), our hearty crew can defeat the seven worlds of Bowser's Krazy Koopa Kritters. Many locations are well-hidden so explore everywhere and try everything. Not all locations have to be explored to rescue the dinosaurs and save Princess Toadstool, but there are many "starry" treasures to be found in far-reaching places. You'll need to search all areas to find out what kinds of treasure are there... in Super Mario World.

--From the SNES Super Mario World instruction manual.

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Super Mario World was one of the first games released for the SNES and one of the best Super Mario games ever. More people have played Super Mario World than any other game that I know of, and that should be a testament in and of itself. I have played this game more than any other game in my life, and that is the truth.
Super Mario World was one of the easiest games to learn how to play but one of the hardest to master. The graphics in Super Mario World are awesome, the color and design are just perfect, and the controls felt great. You also had a few new moves, including a new spinning jump that comes in handy. Also Super Mario World brought a new character to life, our beloved Yoshi. Yoshi is a friendly dino that helps Mario and Luigi save their kidnapped friends. Super Mario World was also filled with tons of secrets and cool new levels. So run, jump, and fly your way through this wonderful place known as Super Mario World to save the Princess one more time.


Super Mario World is similar to the Super Mario Bros. games, you jump on enemies to kill them. Sometimes, you'll need the fire flowers to vanquish certain enemies. Use the new cape and feather to fly in the levels like a superhero! Go to switch palaces to fill in dotted areas with a block. You now have two different ways to jump, the standard and a spinning jump. The spinning jump will totally destroy some enemies, and will allow you to jump off of Yoshi. This jump will also make you fire several fireballs when you have firepower. Pushing the L or R button will move the camera either left or right.
The object is to defeat Bowser. There are several different ways to get there, because finishing certain levels in different ways will unlock secret paths to his palace. Any level that is a red dot has at least two different ways to beat it. Each ghost house will also have at least two ways to finish, a right way, a wrong way, and sometimes a secret way. After you have beaten a level, you can still go back there, and when you do, you can press start and then select to exit it at any time.
At the end of each level there is a finish line with a tape moving up and down, which you need to break. Try to break the tape at the highest point possible. The higher you break the tape, the more stars you will be awarded. If you get 100 stars, you get to go to a bonus level where you try to line up shapes in a tic-tac-toe order. Every three in a row is worth an extra life. There is also a halfway point in each level that looks like a much smaller finish line. Whenever you get to one of these, you will grow big if you are small, and you will be able to start at that point if you die.
Any time you collect 100 coins you will also be awarded an extra life. If you can jump on the heads of enough enemies without touching the ground, you will be awarded an extra life, too. Extra men can also be obtained by finding a one-up mushroom in a prize block. The one-up mushroom is white and green. Prize blocks may also contain coins, a power mushroom (white and red) that makes you grow if you're small, a fire-flower that will give you the ability to shoot fireballs, or a feather that will give you a cape good for flying and slapping enemies to death. The red mushroom, fire-flower, and feather can be stored for later if you find one while you already have it. For instance, if you are big Mario and find a red mushroom, it will be placed in the box at the top of the screen until you get hit. At this point, it will fall from the box and you will have to catch it. You can also release whatever power-up you have in the box by pressing Select. Some boxes will contain a set of wings for Yoshi, and if you grab them while riding one, you will be taken to a bonus level, and your Yoshi will be a purple one from then on. Prize boxes may also contain a Yoshi egg. If you have no Yoshi, the egg will hatch a Yoshi, or a baby Yoshi. If you do have a Yoshi, it will hatch a one-up mushroom.
A full grown Yoshi is ready to ride, hop on its back and start eating. Yoshis will eat almost any enemy. Also, eating certain enemies will give Yoshi certain powers. When Yoshi eats a green turtle, he can spit the shell out like a projectile that you can use to hit your enemies. A red turtle will make Yoshi blow out three fireballs when spit out. A yellow shell will make Yoshi seem heavy and he will be able to totally destroy some enemies by jumping on or near them. A purple shell will make Yoshi sprout wings and he will be able to fly. While riding you Yoshi, you can spin jump to get off, or press B to make him stick his tongue out as an attempt to eat something. Everything Yoshi eats gives you one coin. Yoshi will try to run from you if you are hit by an enemy while riding him.
If you find a baby Yoshi, you must feed him five things to make him grow into an adult. There are several different colors of baby Yoshi's. There are green, red, purple, and yellow. The green is the default Yoshi. Every other color Yoshi has the ability to use whatever special power that goes with the shell of the same color whenever any shell is eaten. For example, a purple Yoshi gains the ability to fly when it eats any color shell. If it were to eat a red shell, it could fly until it spit it out, which would come out as three fireballs.
There are also P buttons to watch out for. Some P buttons will make coins appear for a certain amount of time, when this happens collect as many as you can before the time runs out and the coins disappear. Some of them will make a hidden door appear, if this happens get through the door before the time is up and the door disappears. Some of them will turn blocks into coins, get as many as you can before the time runs out and the coins turn back into blocks. Sometimes you will want to use coins as blocks during this process to get to platforms you would not be able to get to otherwise. In these cases climb up to your spot before the blocks turn back into coins.
Sometimes there will be little triangles in front of a wall that will allow you to run up the wall if you use the run button to run at the wall. These will make Yoshi bounce real high if you are riding him at the time.
There are eight worlds that are full of levels. Some of the levels you will be able to skip if you find the secrets. At the last level of each world, you have to beat one of King Koopa's kids to advance to the next world.

A Button Get on Yoshi,
Spin Jump
B Button Jump, Swim
X Button Run, Pick up item,
Use fireball
Y Button Same as "X" button
L Button Move screen to left slightly
R Button Move screen to right slightly
Start Button Pause/Unpause
Select Button Drops boxed item on top of screen
Re-enter Castles and Fortresses you have already beaten
When you beat a castle or fortress, you normally cannot enter it again. Go to the castle or fortress you want to play again and Press L+R at the same time.
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