Super Pinball Behind The Mask 1993 By: Meldac

Super Pinball Behind The Mask SNES Screenshot Screenshot 1
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It's a simulated pinball table, pretty simple concept really. Use the flippers to keep the ball in play. Try to aim for certain targets on the board for extra points, extra balls, etc. When things go wrong, throw a fit, scream a lot, and blame video game physics.


Choose between three different tables: Jolly Joker, Blackbeard and Ironmen, and Wizard. Each has a different setting and layout. There are two different game modes: Competition, which is a single game, and Conquest, a tournament game which makes you play through each table one after another.

A Button Activates right flipper
B Button Launches ball
X Button Tilt
Y Button No use
L Button Activates left flipper
R Button Activates right flipper
Start Button Starts game, pause/unpause
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