Super Punch-Out!! 1993 By: Nintendo

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You are a new boxer trying to make it to the top. Can you do it?
Fight your way through four circuits of fighters. You get a limited number of rematches, so if you lose too many fights, it's Game Over! The game keeps records of scores and times for each fight. Compare your scores for each fight, or each circuit, and try to break all the records. See if you can beat your opponents in record time! There are tricks for beating each of the fighters super fast!


Punch out your opponent! Use the Y and B buttons to punch your opponent, press up to aim your punches towards the head. Tap A when your meter is full to do a combo hit. Hold A to do a powerful Upper Cut.Press left, right, or down to dodge attacks. If you don't press anything, you'll block low hits. If you hold up you'll block high hits.

A Button Super Attack(requires meter to be full)
B Button Right Jab
X Button Nothing
Y Button Left Jab
L Button Nothing
R Button Nothing
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing
Sound Test
When you see the Nintendo Logo, hold L and R on controller 2.
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