Super R-Type 1991 By: IREM

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The World Government intended that the fact-finding mission to Galaxy X1X be
kept under wraps; yet information gathered from the mission had later leaked to
the press and confirmed the public's most dreaded suspicions; extra-terrestrial
mutants from the BYDO Empire were indeed consolidating their forces and soon
would be departing their space bases to launch an all-out attack on the Earth.
It's up to you now in your R-TYPE Spaceship to stop this threat.

-- from the SNES R-Type Manual


Your ship starts out very vulnerable, one hit from anything and BOOM! You're gone. You lose all the power-ups you've gained so far so dying will really set you back in this game.
Press the B button to charge your weapon, or press X/Y to fire rapidly.
The key to this game are the Force Pods. The Force Pods amplify your power and ability, they will get you through this game. Collect the lettered icons around the stages to summon or upgrade a forcepod. A forcepod has three uses.

Ram - Attach the pod to the front of your ship and just run it into weaker enemies to kill them.

Backup Gunner - Press L or A to launch the force pod. Now whenever you fire, the force pod will also fire a blast. The more upgrades you get the better it's fire will cover you.

Rear Gunner - Attach the force pod to the back of the ship. Now when you press the fire button the pod on the back will fire as well, giving cover from behind.

A Button Launch/Pull Force Pod
B Button Fire/Hold to Charge
X Button Rapid Fire
Y Button Rapid Fire
L Button Nothing
R Button Launch/Pull Force Pod
Start Button Pause
Select Button Set options at title screen
Level Select
At the title screen, hold L and press up nine times. Continue normally until you get to the game-play, then pause and press Select, R, and A all at once.
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