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Super Scope 6 was the game the was most often bundled with the Super Scope. It is played purely using the Super Scope, and unlike Duck Hunt, has several other features, including turbo fire and many varying games wrapped into one. The Super Scope was meant to bring the light gun into the next generation. Though it never gained in popularity, probably due to its size, it still produced great games and carried the light gun further on. This bundled game is no exception!

This game is actually two in one, which then turns into almost a six in one, and then into almost twelve to eighteen in one, with many variations of each game and several different modes! This left me with a sigh of relief. Thank goodness, I wasn't going to have to play the same game repeatedly, shooting the same stuff again and again.
I was then taken back a bit, because every different mode is basically a disguised same mode. They are just masked versions of the same game. Different, same, either way you don't feel bored or tired of playing the same game with a different feature.
Using the Super Scope (mouse, of course, on the emulator) just feels natural, and no longer having to remember and execute complex combinations or other buttons is a plus. Though each of the games/levels starts out easy and slow, the game play can be increasingly difficult and frenetic and very fun! Bring along a friend (using a controller or another mouse) and the fun is enhanced as you're both shooting toward the same goal!
The graphics are pretty good for being a small game and take full advantage of the SNES. Yet they feel way too cartoony for such a gun-like device and I would have liked to see at least one more instance of a military style game. The sound feels the same way, a bit too jumpy. The gun sound will get very repetitive and annoying.
My only other complaint is the fact that the bullets are delayed in every game, leaving some of the faster levels impossible to react and shoot fast enough; also always having to lead your targets is a bit annoying. Good thing is, your gun is very very accurate and you'll have no instance when you are off target! If you enjoy shooting games or like light guns, this game is for you!
I give Super Scope 6    7 bullets out of 10!     Happy Shooting!


Depending on which game you select, directions differ. In either case you'll have to calibrate your aim and test your shot. Your choices for games are:Blastris: - An action oriented, Block-shooting, Tetris.
Blastris A, plays like the original Tetris! Pieces, instead of falling down the screen, fall from left to right. You can't rotate the pieces, but rather shoot specific tiles so they fit. As usual, when a row, or in this case column, is filled it will disappear. Meet the goal and advance through each level, growing in difficulty!
Blastris B, is a bit different.
In Type A your task is to clear the tiles already presented to you. In order to do this you must make three or more tiles touch horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, not unlike Columns. Type B Plays in the same method, except you're given no original rows!
Mole Patrol is Whack'A'Mole...... on the MOON! You are to shoot these fast moving critters in a hurry. Either to rack up a high score per level, or rack up a set score!Secondly there is...
Lazer Blazer - A futuristic military game, set for you to win for your country!
Intercept, 1 or 2 players, has you shooting varying missiles for a range in score depending on its speed, shape, and length. Blow them out of the air to make sure that no more than 5 missiles meet their target, otherwise you lose. Lead the targets so that your missile has time to intercept!
Engage which has several difficulty settings, each uniquely difficult, has you flying to defend your ship and base from enemies in a very F-Zero feeling world. Your mission is to take out the set enemy units in the area and work your score up to the next wave. Try not to take too much damage or you can kiss your ship goodbye!
Confront, also only with varying, but unique levels, has you stay on a base turret and take the enemies' mechs head-on. This mode is completely identical to Engage, except you're not moving and targets are a bit more random and fast.

Activate Super Scope When the game loads press Esc. Go to Config and click Add-Ons then Super Scope. Your cursor will change to a crosshair and you're ready to fire!
Lead your Target
Remember that the bullet is delayed and will travel in a 3-D like environment. Shoot accordingly!
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