Super Solitaire 1993 By: Extreme Entertainment Group Inc.

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Are you ready for extreme action and awesome storyline? Are you ready for guns blazing and swords flashing? Are you really looking for all that in a game called Super Solitaire? Oh, you are.... sorry, you're in the wrong place. This is the classic card game made into a console video game. What better way to pass the time than to sit down and place cards overtop of each other. Have fun!
Super Solitaire is a classic game that anyone can play. The graphics of this are alright given the fact that there isn't any action or scrolling backgrounds. The music is mediocre when it's playing, but for the most part you are sitting in silence.


Super Solitaire is a simple game that anyone can play, simply place the cards in numerical order with alternating color suits, black red black red or visa versa. In the top right of the screen is where you place your aces, then you start the whole thing over again going up in number instead of down. On the top left of the screen is the deck you draw from. Flip the cards over one or three at a time and use the card that is on top. In the menu you can change the number of draws or the number of cards that are flipped at one time. From the menu you can also restart the game, get help, or quit. So instead of paying for a deck of cards (which is what, like 50 cents?), you can sit down and play it on the game screen. Because, lets face it, if you wanted poker or gambling, you would be playing Super Caesar's Palace.

A Button MENU
Start Button NOTHING
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