Tetris 2 1994 By: Nintendo

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Tetris 2 is back!

Tetris 2, the popular sequel to the megahit Tetris, is back and more fun than ever on Super NES!
Tetris 2 consists of red, blue, and yellow blocks. In addition to having different colored blocks, the game also features three block types: Falling Blocks, Flash Blocks and Fixed Blocks. The object of Tetris 2 is to arrange the Falling Blocks so three or more blocks of the same color line up horizontally or vertically. When a horizontal or vertical match occurs, the similarly colored blocks disappear. To win, you must strategically place your Falling Blocks and eliminate all Fixed Blocks from the screen.
While maintaining the sophisticated simplicity of the original Tetris game, Tetris 2 moves forward with exciting puzzles that are more captivating than ever!

--from the SNES Tetris 2 instruction manual

Tetris 2 is a pretty cool puzzle game. Unlike trying to make lines all the way across the board, in Tetris 2 you try to line up blocks of the same color. You only have to get three of the same color for them to disappear. Tetris 2 also adds some new, weird looking blocks. Some of them will even be designed to drop off a certain piece of the block, while you place the other piece somewhere else. There is also a puzzle mode on Tetris 2. They start you off with just one or two blocks, and you have to use it/them to eliminate the whole board. The puzzle mode is my favorite. Tetris 2 was a great addition to the super smash hit Tetris. If you like puzzle games, you'll love this!


Line up at least three blocks of the same color to make them disappear, so you can get to the flashing blocks and make them disappear, thus clearing the board.

A Button Flip Block Right
B Button Flip Block Left
X Button None
Y Button None
L Button None
R Button None
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Try Again(Puzzle Mode)
Level 100
The password to get to level 100 is: Z3H
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