Tetris & Dr. Mario 1994 By: Nintendo

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Two great tastes that taste great together! Tetris & Dr Mario brings together two of the best puzzle games of all time. Tetris and Dr. Mario each feature updated graphics from the NES versions, and a few new features as well. There is some new background music along with the old songs that have been improved.
The biggest and most unique improvement is in the two-player modes. You can face off in standard two-player matches of each game, or choose Mixed Match for a combination game competing in both Tetris and Dr Mario. The two puzzle games that started it all, together at last.


Tetris is played by arranging the blocks that fall from the top of the screen, in order so that you leave as little space as possible. You can move the blocks left and right, and spin them to the right or left. As you make the blocks fill a solid horizontal line, the line(s) will disappear. The more lines you get, the more score you will attain.
In game A, for every ten lines, you will move to another stage with faster falling blocks and different colors. The game gives you the option to start from any level up to ten before you start. In game B, you can start at any level from one to ten, and choose how high you want random blocks to be stacked under you. This will make it harder to reach the required number of lines. You have to get the highest score you can in the allotted line limit.
If you are able to make four lines disappear at the same time, you will be awarded a Tetris for extra points. You can also get extra points by pressing down when you get the block into the desired position to drop it fast. When your block pile reaches the top, it's game over. In two player mode, any time you get more than one line at a time, your opponent will have to deal with that many more lines of blocks underneath his pile. If your block pile reaches the top, your opponent wins the round. Winning three rounds will result in victory.
Dr. Mario's object is to get rid of all the viruses. There are three different colors of viruses. To get rid of them, stack three or more pills of the same color on top. When you do this, the pieces of pills that become detached will fall straight down, so it's good to try to line them up to fall onto another virus. After killing all the viruses, you will move on to the next level, which will be a little more populated with viruses. If you ever stack pills up to the top of the hole where the pills come into the screen, it's Game Over time. At the beginning there is menu screen where you can choose to start on a higher level or speed.
In two player mode, when you arrange four or more pills of the same color, random pill pieces will fall on your opponent's screen. First one to fill his screen to the top loses the round. Win three rounds and it's gloating time.Mixed match is a two player mode that alternates between both games.

A Button Turn block/pill right
B Button Turn block/pill left
X Button None
Y Button None
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Don't get too violent
When playing Dr. Mario on two player mode, remember that the game is about getting rid of all the viruses, not making combos. While you are trying really hard to drop a bunch of garbage on your opponent, he could be getting the job done a faster way.
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