Top Gear 1992 By: Kemco

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Top Gear, as the name suggests, is a car racing game. Race against the clock and a field of computer-controlled drivers to see if you can become the ultimate racing champion. Or play with a friend and show off your track burning skills.
Top Gear's graphics if not perfect are certainly more than adequate, the sound effects are good and the music, unlike most video games of this type, is actually worth listening to, and won't drive you mad while you race. Plus it's a pretty comprehensive racing simulator without getting so bogged down in realism that it takes all the fun out of it.


Top Gear is one of the most fun games I've played in a while. First of all you get to choose which kind of car you want to drive. Will you go for the highest top speed, maximum acceleration, or try a balanced approach? Also you can choose an auto transmission or take ultimate control over your machine and choose manual drive. As the tracks get longer you'll need to watch your fuel gauge and time your pit stops carefully. Will a quarter of a tank get you through the race, or will you have to give up a few positions to finish at all?
Thankfully you won't crash and burn if you bump a barrier or another vehicle, but any contact except where your tires meet pavement will slow you down, so be careful! And when the road ahead is clear, hit the Nitro for a powerful boost of speed! Now you're really in Top Gear!

X Button Accelerate
Y Button Brake
A Button Nitro
B Button Input Options
L Button Gear Down
R Button Gear Up
Start Button Start Game, Input Options
Select Button Select Options, Pause Race
Unlock Countries
At the Amateur skill level, go to the country screen and select the UK. Enter the password HORIZONS to unlock the UK and all previous tracks.
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