Top Gear 2 1993 By: Kemco

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Ah, car racing. A sport that never goes out of style, and a game that simulates it. You are a driver in this game. Race down the track at supersonic speed and earn money to pimp your ride. Use nitros to burst past opponents with huge amounts of speed. Win the race. Beat out the world's best.

My bro rented this when I was 8 or 9. When I first saw it, I thought he had borrowed an N64 or something. The graphics were that darn good. For a guy who grew up playing SNES until he got an N64 at age 13. Either way, this game is a sweet racer and I suggest.. no, I recommend... no, I demand you play this game! It's that darn good!


Race your racecar among 19 others and win.

A Button Shoots Nitro
B Button Brake, chooses options
X Button Accelerates
Y Button Brake
Start Button Goes to menu from start screen
Using Nitro
Only use nitros when the race begins, and on straight stretches. Because if you use the Nitros at the beginning, you'll be able to go through a lot of other cars, and go up the ranks faster. Be careful, because if you hit someone on the way through, it goes on your car as damage, and your car's top speed goes down. And on straight stretches, use them. Because if you use Nitros on curves, you'll risk hitting objects and losing valuable time.
Your car isn't like an anti virus program with updates.
If you buy a part for a car, make sure you get the best one right away. This minimizes cost but it'll be harder because you're still working with the factory stock parts going up into the more experienced drivers. But remember, if you've got an upgrade, never ever select the stock item, because this will give your upgrade away, and you won't get any money back.
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