Toy Story 1995 By: Disney Interactive

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You are Woody, a cowboy doll who has come to life in a room full of toys that have come alive too. You've got a pretty nice life, keeping the toys in line, and making sure nothing bad happens. Everything is going great for you until a new toy shows up. He's so cool, all the other toys like him more than they like you. One day, your owner, 6 year old Andy, is going to Pizza Planet, and he wants to bring this new toy. So, in an act of jealousy, you try to get rid of him by knocking him behind a drawer. But it backfires and you send him out the window! Now the toys hate you. Can you get the new toy back and regain the other toys' respect?

I'm a fan of Toy Story. I'm sure several of you are too. This game is a very addicting one, and a very challenging one. The music is very good, and it doesn't sound too scratchy like in some of the other games. You get to play along with the movie, although it has some added elements to make the game more challenging and longer, thus taking away its accuracy to the movie. I'll tell you what else makes this game cool - it has several modes of play! There are levels where you are above the action, and one level where it's first-person! But there's a lot of screen-scrolling, so get used to that.


You're trying to rescue the great Buzz Lightyear, a toy that took your place as Andy's favorite toy. Even though you hate him, you must work with him if you want to get back to Andy in one piece. And there are a lot of things that are going to give you death instead of help. A claw machine, Sid, Sid's evil dog Scud, and a deadly rocket that is taped to Buzz Lightyear's back. Also, you can't save your progress, so once you're dead, you start from the beginning. But you get a certain amount of lives and hit points in each life to beat every level, and eventually, you can earn continues. Plus you have Rex, the not-so-terrifying toy dinosaur, your pull-string (which you use as your only weapon) Roller-bob, and eventually, Buzz Lightyear himself. How? Well, watch the movie or go and hit the "Play Now" button and play the game to find out.

A Button Whip
B Button Jump
X Button Whip
Y Button Jump
Start Button Skip storyline, Pause
Extra Lives
Want an extra 2 lives? Want to make the game more challenging? Go to Options and hit down on the down key. You'll see how many lives you'll start with. You can change them to increase or decrease the difficulty.
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