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Meet Harry Tasker. His wife and daughter think he's a slightly dull-witted computer salesman, but his friend and colleague Albert "Gig" Gibson knows the truth: Harry is a top agent for the Omega Sector, an ultra-secret government agency whose motto "The Last Line of Defense" spells out its mandate to prevent any terrorist threats to freedom!

Harry has the fate of a natio and the fight of a lifetime on his hands when the Crimson Jihad, a fanatic terrorist group led by the ruthless Abu Aziz, steals nuclear warheads from the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan and threatens to detonate them on U.S. soil unless their demands are met!

Together with Gib, Harry must risk everything to prevent devastating destruction. The action is global as Harry's mission takes him from the snowy slopes of Switzerland to the Forbidden City of China, with deadly stops in the Florida Keys and a host of other locales that will prove unhealthy to the unwise. There's plenty of scenery, but it's no vacation.

Each mission is more menacing than the last, but each brings Harry closer to his goal - diffusing the warheads and disposing of Crimson Jihad hot heads! Harry is closing in on his sinister foe, but Aziz has one last trick up his sleeve - he makes it personal when he involves both Harry's wife, Helen, and their daughter, Dana. Big mistake! If Harry can rescue them from harm's way, payback is gonna be a hurtin' thing.


You are agent Harry Tasker, and it's up to you to thwart the destabilizing designs of Abu Aziz, before the Crimson Jihad rings down a nuclear nightmare! Your objective is to complete all the missions leading to the capture and destruction of the warheads, without destroying your happy home life!

--From the SNES True Lies instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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