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From the Desk of the Secretary Department of the Navy

TO: Naval Aviators in the Mediterranean Area of Operations RE: Presidential Order #67

Recent events in your carrier group's area of operations have led to runaway political and military instability in the region. In order to stem the flow of military supplies and other stores into the area, the President has declared the air space surrounding this region closed to all military and civilian traffic. This is an attempt to ensure that the current situation does not deteriorate any further.

Naval aviators conducting operations in the so-called "No-Fly" Zone will be at a full state of combat readiness at all times. This air space is, in effect, a free-fire zone; any aircraft entering it will be assumed to have hostile intent. Naval aviators are authorized to neutralize any such threats using all of the means at their disposal.

Intelligence reports indicate that one of the nations in this region intends to test the President's resolve on this issue by conducting offensive air operations in spite of the ban on air traffic. Naval aviators are advised that the bulk of said nation's air power consists of aircraft produced in the former Soviet Union, chiefly top-of-the-line MiG-29s.

The President has expressed his confidence in the Navy's air arm to successfully maintain the peace in this volatile region. As for myself, I know that your training has prepared you for a mission such as this, and that you will execute your orders superbly.

--From the SNES Turn and Burn: No-Fly Zone instruction manual.

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