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The Sun didn't rise, the Moon didn't set. Fluffy clouds failed to make any sort of appearance and the night wasn't dark and stormy. Nobody was silhouetted against a backdrop of stars and the burning fires of the dawn sky somehow never had a chance. There were no such things, you see. Not in the Universe of the Uniracers.

But heck, that's the way it goes sometimes. There were far more important things to work up a sweat about than some pretty scenery. Racing for one thing, for another....well that was it, just racing. It was the whole purpose of the Uniracers. And it happened sort of like this:

Far in the past, or what passed for the past, some great and powerful person looked across the abstract Universe and realized that his boredom went right off the scale. He was through with creating a planet here, an asteroid there. What's more he was trying to impress a young goddess who thought that he lacked a creative imagination. After all, you can only say kind things about a newly created world so many times without giggling.

This wasn't a fun situation for the person, as you can well imagine. So after a timeless interval locked in the celestial equivalent of a cupboard, with an endless supply of Turbo-Strength Coffee, he came up with the idea of a race of Unicycles who would compete in the ultimate games! What's more, it would really break the ice at parties.

Such is the legend told by Unicycles when they slow down enough to talk to each other (well sometimes), although no-one

seems to know whether the Person actually won over the young goddess and lived happily ever after. In fact if you stopped a Unicycle and asked, you'd find that none of them really cared. It's RACING that's the thing.

So the Uniracers came into being and, boy, were they racing machines or what?!?! An entire race of dedicated cycles. Sure enough they got right into their role and raced all the time in the abstract days and neon nights of their Universe. And so it went for a long, long time.

But there is something else, too. Even when a Unicycle couldn't find a racing partner, out of the abstract blue would turn up a Ghostly cycle to provide a race by which to measure themselves. The Ghosts never talk, never hang about to see what happens. Some call them the free spirits of cycles that lost important races and were condemned to race forever to prove themselves. Others claim that they are the personal cycles of that old Person, used to make sure the rest of them keep on track.

And at the very end of the "day" in whispers, is told the tale of the Anti-Uni, the ultimate racer whom no-one can find, no-one but the very greatest of all. Become the very height of racing excellence and the Anti-Uni will come to challenge you...

--From the SNES Uniracers instruction manual.

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Uniracers is a simple, but fast paced game that is a lot of fun. Race unicycles in a large series of tracks, and do different stunts to boost your speed and your ego! Either race head to head, or gain points by performing stunts in special stunt tracks. Play against the computer or go at it split screen with a friend. Either way you'll have a good time.


This game is forunately not too hard to figure out, even if you have never played it before. There are a series of tours and a series of races or stunt courses in each tour. Grab a cycle, pick a tour and track and then your ready. Progress by successfully completing all tracks in a tour.

Accelerate by pressing the control pad left or right (depending on which direction you want to go). Press B to jump and Y to brake. Perform different stunts by getting a lot of air (i.e. jumping from high places) and using the X, Y, R, and L buttons. Perform different stunt combinations to get more points and gain more speed. But be sure to land with your wheel to the ground or performing the stunt will hurt more than it will help.

A Button Twist Stunt
B Button Jump
X Button Z-flip Stunt
Y Button Brake
L Button Flip Left (Stunt)
R Button Flip Right (Stunt)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Scroll Down Main Menu
Head Start
To get gain some speed when starting up, jump and do a single flip the direction you are going, even if you are just on a flat surface. Use this same trick to gain speed on straight-a-ways.
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