Wario's Woods 1994 By: Nintendo

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Wario has gone and corrupted the woods with monsters, and it is up to Toad to save the woods by completing Wario's sinister monster puzzles.


Move Toad around the puzzle fields and line up the color bombs with same colored monsters to clear the field. You can do this with toads flexible control system. You can pick up one item with B, or pick up a whole stack with A. You can press X or up to warp to the top of a stack you're carrying. If you want to move you can kick objects with L and R.

A Button Grab whole stack
B Button Grab single object
X Button Teleport Toad to top of stack
Y Button Drop
L Button Kick Left
R Button Kick Right
Start Button Pause
Select Button Nothing
Extra Challenge Mode
Hold Left then press Start when selecting Vs. COM to open Extra Challenge Mode
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