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It's 10:30pm Friday night. What's it time for? Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Did you say Hawaii Five-O reruns. I think NOT. In Aurora Illinois, it's time for Cable Access Channel Ten and Wayne's World. I'm your excellent host Wayne Campbell, and with me as always is Garth. It's Wayne's World. It's Wayne's World. It's Party Time. It's Excellent. Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo. Okay.

You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Hurl!

Are you ready for this? Number One of the Top Ten Most Bizarre Things to Happen This Year: Garth has been kidnapped! No WAY, you say? Hway!! It all begins down at Noah's Arcade, where Wayne & Garth are engrossed (with a capital G) in a most heinous game called Zantar. All of a sudden there's a blinding flash, and Ka-Boom! The two find themselves inside the game! IN the wink of an eye, the hapless Garth is inhaled by Zantar, the gelatinous cube - a pixelated purple putridosity of the first degree! Before our stunned hero can react, Zantar is gone... and Garth along with him. And no you, Wayne Campbell, must heartily rescue your excellent sidekick from a fate most unbecoming!

But as you make your way through your familiar and beloved hangouts in search of Garth, you'll notice something disturbingly different. This world is twisted, warped, and distorted version of reality as you know it! Armed with your mighty guitar and the power the SCHWING, you must brave the surrealistic perils of Kramer's Music Store, Stan Mikita's Donut Shop, the Gasworks night club, and surburbia. There, you will spar with such Dweeboids as monster bagpipes, accordions, and kazoos (shyeah, rright!), spewing coffee cups and dangerous Disco balls (as if!), hair-whipping headbangers and a strange Psycho Hose Beast (way!)

HELLO? Are you worthy to face this mega-challenge without Blowing Chunks? Then party on, my friend, to the most excellent finish!

--From the SNES Wayne's World instruction manual.

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