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Monday, 5 a.m. A ringing sound jars you awake. You grope the phone and drop the receiver on the floor. Out of the darkness comes the voice of the chief: "Wake up, kid. Got an assignment for you."
You stumble out of bed, turn on the light and grab your brand new detective's notebook.
"Just got a call from Interpol," says the chief. "Looks like Carmen's gang has pulled another caper."
"Any leads?" you ask.
"Not with this bunch. They're too slick. Can't give you any more details on the phone. Better get down to the office double quick. It's going to be a rough one."
"Right chief."
As your trembling hand replaces the phone on the cradle, you wonder why you ever got into this line pf work. Before this morning, Carmen Sandiego and her Villains' International League of Evil (V.I.L.E.) were just sensational headlines in the newspaper. For more than five years, Carmen and her gang of felons had managed to stockpile the world's most valuable treasures while outwitting every so-called crime expert from New York to Sydney. Now they've struck again. And you, the newest employee of the Acme Detective Agency, Have been given the near-impossible assignment of tracking them down.

--from the SNES Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? instruction manual

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