Wolverine - Adamantium Rage 1995 By: Acclaim

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Wolverine seeks information about his past and uncovers a huge tangled mess in the present. So he sets out to untangle it by clawing everything in sight to pieces. And by calling everyone "Bub."
The graphics in Wolverine Adamantium Rage are truly outstanding. The detailed backgrounds make every scene worth looking at (but don't admire them for too long), and Wolverine and the plethora of villains are very well drawn and animated. The cut scenes could be right out of the comics. The sounds are just as good, great music and cool effects (lots of yummy clawing noises).


Wolverine Adamantium Rage is a great game for comic fans. It's one of the few to actually take a comic book super hero and make decent use of his super powers. Now anybody can make a game where you go around with big claws on your hand and rip stuff apart, but Wolverine has another special talent, i.e. his regenerative power. His Adamantium skeleton makes him almost indestructible to crushing blows, and his healing will get him through any laceration, punctures or internal damage that might happen to get through, as long as he has time.
Well, you guessed it, the game gives him his fast healing but makes sure he doesn't always have time to use it. It seems that Wolverine is being chased by a suicide bombing little girl who will reduce him to pulp if she ever catches up, so you have plenty of incentive to keep moving!
As I mentioned there are tons of bad guys trying to stand in Wolverine's way, and lots of cool boss fights. There's nothing better than having new enemies to confront around every corner, especially when they're not just different pictures, but really different characters with different attack patterns and behaviors.
And of course, as resourceful as our Wolverine is, he has a widely varied arsenal of ways to kick the stuffing out of all those comic creeps, while avoiding the same fate for himself. Here are some advanced techniques using various key combinations: Press Up to execute a dive roll. This can be done from the floor or in the middle of a jump. Press Down and B to make a Super Jump. From here you can do a Super Claw by pressing L or press Up and X to grab the ceiling with your claws, where you can climb back and forth or just hang out a while. Press Down and L for a crouching claw. Hold Down and X to dig down through certain floors, or Down and A to perform a Claw Uppercut. Press Down then A and X to spring up with claws extended to both sides, while your enemies run up and impale themselves! The only difficulty with all these moves, and really my only problem with the whole game, is that they are so complicated and hard to remember, much less execute on a tight schedule, especially since so many of the buttons do different things depending on whether you are standing, ducking, jumping, etc.
Overall, Wolverine Adamantium Rage is a really fun game, even has good replay value with password access to whichever level you want to run through. You can try to use all those different attack forms to abuse the bad guys in new and exciting ways.

A Button Punch
B Button Jump
X Button Claw, Latch on to Wall
Y Button Kick
L Button Backhand
R Button Claw Flurry
Up Dive
Down Duck
Start Button Start, Pause
Use these codes to skip through the first few areas. If you don't know the characters, though, it will take a little while to figure them out! Level 1: Destroyer, Storm, Psylocke, Storm
Level 2: Psylocke, Cyclops, Storm, Destroyer
Level 3: Professor X, Iceman, Psylocke, Psylocke
Level 4:Bishop, Bishop, Iceman, Storm
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