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Crisis on Genosha!

Forgive me on bringing you here on such short notice X-Men, but the situation in Genosha is far worse than I once feared. As you know, I have been troubled by the rise in anti-mutant activity on the tiny island nation.

While using Cerebro to scan the island for the source of the anti-mutant corruption, I came upon the presence of one of our oldest and deadliest enemies. It appears Apocalypse has found a home in Genosha.

It is now clear that the Genoshan government is using Apocalypse to bring their mutant population under control. But, Apocalypse must have his own plans for the mutants of Genosha. Whatever they may be, they will only become worse unless you put a stop to this madness.

Our invasion of Genosha begins tonight.....

--From the SNES X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse instruction manual.

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