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Jewelry Land, a peaceful land ruled by King Fret and his son, Prince Pine, was named for the kingdom's greatest treasure: a set of twelve magic gems. These magic gems had protected the land from natural disasters for all time. Then one day, Bowser and the Koopalings moved in, stole the twelve magic gems and kidnapped both the king and the prince. The earthquake that resulted from the theft of the jewels split the kingdom into two parts, a Light Realm and a Dark Realm. The Koopas held King Fret captive in the Light Realm and Prince Pine prisoner in the Dark Realm. Prince Pine's friend, Princess Peach heard the news and asked for help from Mario and Yoshi.

To return peace to this land, Mario and Yoshi must recover the twelve magic gems stolen by the Koopas. Can Mario and Yoshi find the magic gems? Can they save the King and the Prince? The time to begin the new quest is now!

--From the SNES Yoshi's Safari instruction manual.

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