Y's 3: Wanderers From Y's 1991 By: Tonkin House

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The main character, Adol, returns from adventuring with his friend Dogi to find his home town in trouble. Thus begins his side-scrolling RPG adventure, which will take him all over the world, again. To save the people from a creature of overwhelming evil bent on taking over the world, again.
Basically it's your normal side-scrolling type game with RPG features added in. A bit of an odd combination to me but it works out well in this case.
Graphically this game was right on, the characters and monsters are well done, animation is smooth, the scenery and backgrounds are great. The music isn't my favorite but you might like it. ;-)


The Y's series is one of the classics, and if you play this game you'll know why. It has a great combination of storytelling and action, the perfect mix for many RPG gamers.
The user interface for equipment was a bit counter-intuitive to me, but it's not difficult when you get used to it.
Be sure to buy equipment and equip it on the menu before leaving town. Press Select, choose Equipment, then select each type of equipment by pressing up or down, and equip the item by highlighting it. However, don't equip a ring as soon as you find it, because rings are always on and it drains their power.
You can duck and crawl to get through tight spaces, as well as swing your sword while crouching to attack low enemies. You can also swing your sword straight up or while jumping. Press Up to open doors and boxes, some need keys though. Press diagonally to go up or down stairs.

A Button Use Item
B Button Jump, Confirm option
Y Button Attack, Talk, Cancel option
Start Button Start or Pause
Select Button Open Menu
At the logo screen, (American Sammy), wait until the logo fades in completely, then on Controller 2, press Up, Down, Up, Down, Select, Start. Then start the game and go to the Status menu. Press Select on Controller 2 to bring up DEBUG next to STATUS. Now you won't die, whenever your life drops to zero it immediately goes back up to full.
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