Zool 1993 By: Gremlin Graphics Software

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Zool is a pretty fun game. It's kinda weird though. The game seems to be set in Candyland or something. Zool is like a lot of other side-scroller platforms. The use of colors and the graphics are great though. Zool is the name of your character that is a ninja. He's got a lot of cool moves. He can jump pretty high, and he can climb up the walls. He also has a gun, which kinda goes against the ninja way, but it's got unlimited ammo. If you like side scrolling platformers, give Zool a try.


Help Zool the ninja get throught the levels by shooting and jumping on his enemies.

A Button Jump
B Button Shoot
X Button None
Y Button None
L Button None
R Button None
Start Button Start/Pause
Select Button Select
Don't Go Too Fast
If you go to fast, you'll run right into enemies, for some reason, it's hard to see the enemies on this game untill you get right up on them.
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