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Bubsy Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Bubsy (Sega Genesis)
Bubsy is a cartoonish fellow for one amazingly popular game. He is by far one of the first ever well-remembered animal characters in a side scroller and probably gave Sonic a boost, and Sly and Crash a head start! This platformer has very colorful and well drawn graphics. The sound effects are cute and the music is kinda catchy. The controls are simple to learn, but Busby seems to slide a little after you stop pushing the button, so be careful. This game is amusing for a long time of enjoyment. Even when you die, it makes you laugh.

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Bubsy Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Bubsy (Super Nintendo)
[Bubsy comic strip]
Across the inky velvet reaches of space lie unknown terrors... Strange worlds... And even stranger alien races. There are beings that stretch the very fabric of reality.

Beings like the Woolies, whose unbridled lust for yarn is legendary across the galaxies. And no Woolie is more greedy for the furry fiber than the Twin Queens of Rayon, Poly and Ester.
"Well, Professor Nylon... Have you found a new planet to plunder of wonderful wool?"
Prof. Nylon: "Yes, Your Embroidered Highnesses. Have a Bo-Peep through my Fiber Optic Yarnoscope."
"Eureka! It's the Mother of all Wools."

[Image of Bubsy Bobcat through Yarnoscope, surrounded by yarn balls]
"What a weird looking creature!"
"I'll say! He's not wearing any pants."

Bubsy: "There's just no privacy for us big stars."

The wildly wicked Woolies could not resist this chance to steal wool. They knit their plans carefully. And soon the very fabric of space was being warped by their dreaded saucers of silk.

But the Woolies had chosen to invade the space of one Purr-fectly Fur-ocious Feline. A Bobcat ready, wooling and able to defend the rights of the downtrodden...
Smite the evil doers... And to generally act in a Heroic and Politically Correct manner.
"I regret that I have but nine lives to give to my planet."

Well, it could happen.

[Bubsy sleeping in yarn balls, dreaming of yarn balls]
And so the nefarious, nasty, no account Woolies proceeded to clean Bubsy's clock. The Woolies swiftly made a sucker out of Bubsy.
"Who said cat hair was hard to vacuum up?"
"Course it helps if it's still attached to the cat."

And in mind-numbing succession he was first rejected... And then ejected.

[Bubsy getting dropped out of flying saucer]
"I'd like to remind the producer of this game that I am an endangered--Repeat Endangered--species!"

The Woolies' unprovoked attack opened Bubsy's eyes... And focused his razor sharp mind on one thought.
"I bet this means I'll miss lunch."

And so begins the spell-binding, fast-paced, nail-biting, action packed blockbuster event... Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind.
--From the Super Nintendo Bubsy instruction manual.

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Bubsy 2 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Bubsy 2 (Sega Genesis)
A Word from Bubsy:
Just think of it. Me. Bubsy Bobcat. Fabulously talented star of game and screen, reduced to pushing Amazatorium Tours for Dr. V. Reality. Why, it seems like it was only yesterday when I was wild. Free. And not committed to wearing a work outfit that comes with a paper hat.

I'm the Official Tour Guide of Dr. Reality's AMAZATORIIUM. Oh sure. It sounds like fun. But maybe you should read the fine print in your travel brochure before making me your trusty travel guide...
--From the Sega Genesis Bubsy 2 instruction manual.

If you're familiar with Bubsy 1 then you'll fit right into this game and adapt to the 3 or 4 new features. The various levels make this game a lot more fun, and filled with unique enemies and other opportunities. Being able to fly a plane and shoot down others is loads of fun, or going into space to fight pirates. Collect marbles and have some fun with this one-of-a-kind game!

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Bubsy 2 Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Bubsy 2 (Super Nintendo)
The Absolute Definitive Object Of The Game
To complete the game in a victorious manner, you must reach and then defeat Oinker P. Hamm. To locate Oinker, travel through all the levels of the selected tour in the Amazatorium, making sure to tag the end of level markers (large, red marbles) in each world. When all levels are completed, the boss door will open that leads you to Oinker.

These Items Are Important, Too!
The Amazatorium has three floors and two wings - East and West. Choosing one wing or the other will affect which sections you will venture through. Each wing is entirely different, complete with its own challenges. To put it technically, "It's like having two-two-Two Amazatoriums in One." Before making that all-important wing choice, you must choose a tour. The number of levels seen in the Amazatorium will depend on the type of tour you choose. Each tour increases with difficulty, ranging from the First Floor tour as the mildest, to the Grand Tour as the longest and most difficult.

--From the Super Nintendo Bubsy 2 instruction manual.

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*You Must Download And Install The Client Before Playing.
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