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Xtreme Classix - Donald Duck

Donald Duck

Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck (Sega GameGear)

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Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Donald Duck Goin' Quackers (Gameboy Color)

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Donald Duck in the Lucky Dime Caper Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
Donald Duck in the Lucky Dime Caper (Sega GameGear)

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Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (Super Nintendo)
From the Diary of Hernae
Acolyte Sorceress to the Temple of Shabuhm Shabuhm

Legends foretell a time of strife, when Shabuhm Shabuhm, guardian of the gates of vile darkness, shall fall from his place of power. All hope for the island will rest with a wanderer, a reluctant hero caught up in the end of the world, poised to save it, or to condemn it for all time...

The Name's Mallard. Maui Mallard.
I arrived here a washed up shell of the duck I used to be. And I liked it just fine. I'd played the game, now I'd cashed in my chips and bought a one-way ticket to oblivion. It was time to crawl into a coconut shell and hide beneath a paper umbrella. Yes, oblivion was my kind of place. But SHE walked in the door and changed my life. Brother, she had gams up to her neck... But enough about her. Let's talk about you. What do YOU think of her? No wait, let's talk about this journal you're holding in your hot little hands. On its pages you'll find my notes on File 35: The Case of the Missing Mojo. Believe me, everything I've written here is as true as the sky is blue, the grass is green and her hair that carried the soft scent of fresh wildflowers... oh, sorry. So as I prepare to board a ship that will take me away from the nightmare that has been my life, I take one last look through this chicken scratch (er, make that MALLARD scratch), and recall the frosty and ferocious foes I had to battle. From the vicious MudDrakes and their giant Frog God to the Witch Doctor and his powerful mojo spells, I can't help thinking that for a guy with a death wish like me, this place was a dream come true. Maybe I'll stick around for a while after all...

--From the Super Nintendo Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow instruction manual.

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Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow Gameboy Screenshot 1
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow (Gameboy)

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Quackshot Starring Donald Duck Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Quackshot Starring Donald Duck (Sega Genesis)
A Treasure Hunt
Across the Continents!

While Uncle Scrooge naps, Donald Duck is flipping through some old books in the library.

Waaack! Out falls a strange piece of paper from one of the books. It's a long-lost message from King Garuzia, the old-time ruler of the Great Duck Kingdom. He's hidden his most prized possession somewhere on earth. And he's left a map that leads to its whereabouts!

"I could be rich! Richer than Uncle Scrooge,” Donald thinks to himself. But Big Bad Pete and his Ducky Gang are lurking outside the window. They're about to snatch the map, but Donald dashes away, safe for the moment.

"Donald, you're late!" Daisy scolds. "But Daisy, some-thing fabulous is waiting for me!" Donald squawks. "If I can find it, it will be a terrific surprise for you. I'll tell you all about it when I get back!"

If he comes back! Donald has no idea what dangers surround the hunt for the Great Duck Treasure. He only knows that he'll do anything to find it...

--From the Sega Genesis Quackshot Starring Donald Duck instruction manual.

     I never knew how ineffective a bathroom plunger was as a weapon until I used one against a man with a bazooka. Sadly, Donald only has such outlandishly stupid weapons to use against people armed with the best weaponry money can buy. Normally I advise to charge forward, but what idiot would do so armed only with bathroom plungers, popcorn shooters and bubblegum blasters? Donald Duck comes to mind.

     Yeah that’s your arsenal, but if the job were easy a former American President would probably take it. But here we have the famous and frighteningly demented Donald Duck to the rescue. If he doesn’t just freak out and bust a hole through your computer screen, you just might win the game.

     As the moose should have told you at the entrance, Donald has found a treasure map and is on a worldwide search for Vidalia onions (no, of course not, treasure). He encounters numerous bad guys that he must defeat with his limited weaponry and even more limited intelligence. Donald travels first class on an aircraft piloted by his three nephews Pebbles, Bam Bam and Dino Huey, Dewey and Louie to ten exotic locations (if you consider downtown Duckburg exotic) such as Duckburg, Mexico, some Aztec Ruins, Translyvania, a Viking Ghostship (dark and moonlit - hint, hint), the South Pole, the Maharaja’s Palace, Egypt (notice, not the Egypt), Ducky Gang’s Hideout and Great Duck Treasure Island.

     The game opens like a movie, which is original. Great graphics, as should be expected with most SEGA games. The manner in which you must win the game, moving back and forth through locations, is also original, making the game non-linear. I give it a 90, Mr. Clark. Easy to dance to and the words make a lot of sense.

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World of Illusion Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
World of Illusion (Sega Genesis)
Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were standing on the stage of a performance hall, practicing their magic act for a big magic show.

"I don't know..." Donald was saying. "We need some new magic. Something flashy."

"Hmm..." Mickey thought for a moment, then brightened. "Hey, Donald, what about this?" Mickey waved his wand, and POW! a flash and a huge puff of smoke burst from his magic hat. "That should end our performance with a bang, right, Donald? Donald? Are you all right?"

In the middle of a pile of background scenery, Mickey saw something move. Donald got up from where he had fallen, and pushed away a fake tree. "That was flashy, all right," he grumbled.

Donald turned around to see an unusual wooden box, carved to look like a face with a velvet curtain in its mouth. "A magic box! Oh, boy! This would be perfect for our act!"

But Mickey noticed something unusual - an ominous glow behind the curtain. "Uh, I don't know if that's such a good idea..."

"Aw c'mon, what are you afraid of?" Donald hopped into the box, and POOF! he was gone!

"Donald?" Mickey pulled the curtain aside. "Where are you?" He stepped into the box, and POOF! Mickey vanished as well!

As Mickey and Donald fell through darkness, an evil, booming laugh echoed all around them. "Welcome to my World of Magic!" a voice said mockingly . "You may be good magicians in your world, but you still have a lot to learn! If you don't learn quickly, you'll never leave this place! I can show you the way to go home, but only if you find me and defeat me in a magic duel. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"

The two would-be magicians are transported to a strange, fantastic world where dreams are reality, and the unexpected is sure to happen! Only magic will protect them in times of danger. Will they find the way home?

Can you help them?
--from the Sega Genesis World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
instruction manual

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