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Every Kirby game is basically the same thing, use your suck ability to suck in enemies. Then you can spit them out or swallow them. If they are a special kind of enemy they will give you a power when you swallow them. Kirby is one of Nintendo's hugely successful video game characters, like Mario, Link, or Pikachu. Check out Kirby's games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy. Give his series a try!

Kirby Super Star Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Kirby Super Star (Super Nintendo)
Spring Breeze
That awful King Dedede is at it again. He's stolen all the food in Dream Land! The inhabitants don't like being hungry and have asked Kirby to help. The new adventure begins.

Dyna Blade
A strange bird, named Dyna Blade, has come from the mountain and ruined the crops! Unless Kirby can stop him, Dream Land will be devastated!

Revenge of Meta Knight
One of Kirby's old foes, Meta Knight, has built a giant ship and is planning top conquer Dream Land! It's up to Kirby to destroy the ship, defeat Meta Knight, and save Dream Land. Good luck, Kirby!

--From the Super Nintendo Kirby Super Star instruction manual.

Super Star was a pretty good addition to the Kirby series. They put a lot of Kirby games into one. My personal favorite was the Samurai Kirby game. There were about eight games to choose from in all. Some were one-on-one fighters and some were adventures. All of them were pretty fun. I liked the graphics in Kirby's Superstar. They looked very good, with nice cartoony animation and an excellent color palette. This is a great game for one player or two. You and a friend could battle each other or help each other on a quest. Or, you could battle against the computer or take on the quest by yourself.

The controls were responsive and easy to use: there is an optional tutorial before each game. The gameplay is great because of all the variety. The story is pretty good on the platformer. The other games don't really have a story. This was one of the better Kirby games because it had a little something for everybody. A definite must-play!

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Kirby's Adventure NES Screenshot 1
Kirby's Adventure (NES)
A crisis in Dream Land!

Light years away, .......
... on a tiny star not visible from Earth, is the magical, peaceful place known as Dream Land. The beings that inhabit this wondrous world live in a blissful existence that centers on eating, sleeping and playing. An example of their care-free customs include the traditional after-lunch feast nap. After they awaken from their nap, the Dream Landers discuss their dreams and fervently hope that each other's fondest wishes come true.

One day, a young Dream Lander named Kirby awoke from his after-lunch nap feeling terrible. "What happened?" he wondered to himself. "I didn't have any dreams during my lunch nap!" After talking to some of his friends, he found that the problem was much more serious than he had thought, for they had not experienced any dreams either! "Something must have happened to the Dream Spring!" they exclaimed in unison.

Legends told that the Dream Spring was created by a magical artifact known as the Star Rod. The sparkling star on the tip of this scepter was an actual fragment of a star that had landed in Dream Land in the distant past. The Star Rod now provided energy to the Dream Spring and served as the very symbol of Dream Land.

Kirby, the roly-poly hero of Dream Land, boldly announced his intention to investigate the Dream Spring and find the cause of all the trouble.
Upon reaching the Dream Spring, who did he find but King Dedede, bathing in its magical waters! In the past (see Kirby's Dream Land for Game Boy(r)), King Dedede had caused mischief in Dream Land by stealing all the Dream Landers' food and Sparkling Stars. Now, in the middle of the Dream Spring, in place of the Star Rod, sat Dedede, covered with bubble bath.

"What have you done with the Star Rod?!"

"Oh, that old thing," Dedede said nonchalantly. "I broke it into seven pieces and gave each piece to one of my friends..."

Before hearing any more of what Dedede had to say, Kirby set off on the long trek to gather the pieces of the Star Rod and return them to the Dream Spring. Hopefully, he could return the sparkly to the Dream Spring so that the people of Dream Land could again enjoy their happy midday naps."
--From the NES Kirby's Adventure instruction manual.

I thought Kirby's Adventure was one of the better games for NES, and I loved it. The graphics were awesome, the sound was great, and the controls were easy and responsive. It was a pleasure playing Kirby's Adventure. I recommend you give it a try.

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Kirby's Avalanche Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Kirby's Avalanche (Super Nintendo)
Welcome to Dream Land, a small and peaceful country situated on a far away little star. In Dream Land the local pastime is a puzzle game called "Avalanche". Kirby decided since every Dream Lander plays the game, it would be a great idea to have a country wide competition to determine who is the best player of all..

After months of organizing, The First Annual Dream Land's Avalanche Competition was finally announced. To be held at the Dream Fountain, this would be the biggest event in the history of Dream Land!

The rules for the competition are quite simple: Everyone will travel by foot to the Dream Fountain. If, while on their journey, two Dream Landers happen to meet, they must challenge each other to an Avalanche match. Only the winner of the match may continue onward towards the Dream Fountain. In this way, the number of competitors will be whittled down to a manageable size before the final action at the Dream Fountain.

Can you help guide Kirby through the competition so he arrives successfully at the Dream Fountain? Can he rise above the grizzled veterans and achieve his dream of becoming the reigning champion? His fate is in your hands!
(--from the SNES Kirby's Avalanche manual)

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Kirby's Block Ball Gameboy Screenshot 1
Kirby's Block Ball (Gameboy)
Welcome to Kirby's Block Ball
In this adventure, Kirby takes centre stage in a frenzied, block-clearing free for all! Through the positioning of the paddle, you send a ball into the playing field and clear a variety of blocks, with the goal of establishing a high score! After facing familiar enemies, Kirby must confront his arch-nemesis, King Dedede! It will not be an easy task...
Use the four abilities and the Kirby Power Bounce Wisely!

Good luck, Kirby!
--From the Gameboy Kirby's Block Ball instruction manual.

Kirby is in another match against King Dedede. This time, he is in a Breakout-style game. In every stage, you have to get rid of all the bricks to complete it.

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Kirby's Dream Course Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Kirby's Dream Course (Super Nintendo)
Once upon a time, on a little star, there was a small, peaceful country called Dream Land. The Dream Spring incident was over and the inhabitants of Dream Land returned to their normal, peaceful lives. Every day, they would eat delicious meals and take wonderful afternoon naps. There was no need to worry about anything since everything was so peaceful.

One night, the inhabitants said to one another, "Let's gaze at the star-lit sky and have wonderful dreams tonight." However, when they gazed up into the sky they noticed something was different. The sky was black. There wasn't a single star in sight! Everyone became upset and asked each other "What happened to the stars?" "Will we ever see them again?" Then, someone said, "Don't worry! Surely, the sky will be full of stars again!" However, the stars did not return that night, or the night after. Everyone in Dream Land became very sad.

Another dark, gloomy night loomed over Dream Land. All sorts of rumors had been spreading, and everyone was saying, "It looks like King Dedede is behind this." "I bet he's hogging all those beautiful stars for himself!"

If it's true, there's only one hero that can save the stars. Yes, that young hero is Kirby. He comes in with the spring breeze and saves Dream Land in times of crisis.

Kirby heads for King Dedede's floating castle. The king has set up many traps in his castle. His servants each have a star and they wait for Kirby's arrival at the castle.

This adventure is full of new and amazing challenges. Good luck, Kirby!
--From the Super Nintendo Kirby's Dream Course instruction manual.

Kirby's Dream Course is a golf-type game, but it is anything but typical. It combines aspects of golf with aspects of classic Kirby game play, for a very interesting and unique experience. There are eight standard courses, with eight 'holes' each, plus several bonus courses. Using Kirby as a ball, knock out the enemies, then sink Kirby into the cup to complete each hole. Sounds simple, right? Well, it's more difficult than you might think.

I like the sound effects. It sounds like you're stretching Kirby to his limit and then THWAP! letting him go! Makes me giggle on the inside. The graphics are pretty good. At least the courses are clear and easily maneuvered, since it's obvious what you should and shouldn't hit (except in the case of the floating black puffer fish guys, they aren't baddies and you'll lose a tomato if you bump one). Also, it's worth it to play this game just to watch Kirby's victory dance when he gets his medals. Whoa he's squishy!

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Kirby's Dream Land Gameboy Screenshot 1
Kirby's Dream Land (Gameboy)
On a tiny star somewhere far, far away from earth, there is a very special place known as Dream Land. The Dream Landers are very happy people who use their magical sparkling stars to play and work among the heavens. That is until one night when the gluttonous King DeDeDe and his rotten band of thieves swooped down from neighboring Mt. DeDeDe for a midnight snack in Dream Land. Not only did they steal all their food, but they stole the Dream Landers' treasured Sparkling Stars as well.

Because the Dream Landers didn't have the Sparkling Stars to gather food anymore they began to get very hungry. Suddenly a spry little boy named Kirby happened along and said "Don't worry, I'll get your food and your Sparkling Stars back!" With these words, Kirby set off on his quest toward the dreaded Mt. DeDeDe. We wish him luck!
--From the Gameboy Kirby's Dream Land instruction manual.

Kirby's Dream Land is a fun little platformer starring everyone's favorite little ball of fluff, Kirby. He would go on to have a great series of games, saving Dream Land again and again from the ravages of King Dedede.

The graphics were great for an old Game Boy game. Both the sprites and backgrounds are surprisingly detailed. And, of course, some classic sound effects, sucking up enemies, spitting them out again, breathing out gasps of air, hopping, bouncing, lots of good stuff. The music is typical for this style of game, not spectacular but won't drive you nuts.

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Kirby's Dream Land 2 Gameboy Screenshot 1
Kirby's Dream Land 2 (Gameboy)

Kirby lives on the rainbow islands of Dream Land. The rainbows that connect the islands have been stolen by the evil Dark Matter! Dark Matter has taken control of King Dedede and wants to turn Dream Land into a dark world. With the help of three friends, Kirby sets out on his latest quest to save Dream Land.
--From the Gameboy Kirby's Dream Land 2 instruction manual.

One of the classic Game Boy titles, Kirby's Dream Land 2 will take you into a world of great adventure, and if you haven't played this one back in the 90's, now's the time to give it a try. The graphics are very well sized and detailed, and they look even better when you set the game to Super Game Boy. The classic sounds are all there, from Kirby's vacuum mouth sound to all of the stage's music that has made them so lovable. This is a title recommended for both old and new gamers alike, definitely two thumbs way up!

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Kirby's Dream Land 3 Super Nintendo Screenshot 1
Kirby's Dream Land 3 (Super Nintendo)
Kirby, our hero, makes his home in Dream Land, which is located on PopStar. PopStar is a small, peaceful planet at the edge of a vast universe.

One day, Kirby and Gooey went fishing. Birds were singing. The sun was shining. It was such a nice day that they felt more like napping than fishing.

As Kirby and Gooey relaxed, they noticed a black, cloud-like object appear in the PopStar sky!

The black object started to spit out small clouds. These clouds were scattered everywhere.

Just then, Coo appeared, looking panicked. "Hurry, Kirby!" he said. "PopStar's in BIG trouble!"

The small clouds took control of King Dedede and his minions. They started to do terrible things!

Now, Kirby and his friends have left to get rid of these strange clouds and save PopStar!
--From the Super Nintendo Kirby's Dream Land 3 instruction manual.

The lovable little pink vacuum is back, in this crazy adventure through Dreamland. King Dedede is back once again to try and take over Dreamland and turn it into a nightmare. Now Kirby and his friend Gooey must jump, fly, and swim around in the five stages of Dreamland until you get to King Dedede himself. It's up to you to save your home. Good Luck!
Kirby's Dreamland 3 is the last installment for SNES featuring this cute little guy, and the first Kirby game to offer a two player mode. The graphics are better with more realistic (for the genre) images and a scrolling background. The music for this game keeps with the classic Kirby soundtrack but done over to make it sound better. This game is the finest Kirby for the SNES, so get to playing and have fun.

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Kirby's Pinball Land Gameboy Screenshot 1
Kirby's Pinball Land (Gameboy)
Kirby, your pudgy buddy from Dream Land, is back again on Game Boy! This time the game is Pinball, and Kirby will have to face King Dedede and his bosses who guard the three Pinball Lands. In order to defeat King Dedede and his three bosses, Kirby becomes a pinball. This allows him to fight effectively in the Pinball Lands -- each a magical land with all kinds of tricks and bonuses!

How high can you score? Can Kirby defeat King Dedede again? Let's find out!
Okay Kirby, turn into a pinball and get ready for a wacky pinball battle!

--From the Gameboy Kirby's Pinball Land instruction manual.

King Dedede is back! This time, Kirby's gotta battle his old nemesis in a pinball-like world. In order to get used to this world, and defeat Dedede and his three bosses, Kirby must become a pinball himself. Kirby must go through three different lands to do so. Can he do it? Be prepared for a battle of pinball skill!

This game is definitely one of my favorites. The gameplay is very nice, as I expected. The graphics, although Game Boy level, are acceptable, and pleasing to the eye. The sound isn't much, since some of the "bloop" sounds when hitting something sound a bit dull, but the background music makes up for it.

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