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Xtreme Classix - Pokemon

These games have indisputably earned a place among the Xtreme Classix. Another game that just changed the world, no other way to say it. The number of games and TV shows that owe their existence in one way or another to Pokemon is nothing short of astounding. The characters are recognized by people of all ages, all around the world, and the mark that Pokemon has left on the popular culture will only fade slowly if at all.

Pokemon Pinball Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Pokemon Pinball (Gameboy Color)
Taking the idea of Pokemon and putting it in a classic Pinball environment. Although your main objective is to fight through the bosses, you still have the usual Pokemon objective of catching all the Pokemon. You have 2 varying pinball tables (Red & Blue), obviously this links to the original Red and Blue Pokemon games. The Pokemon you can catch on each table also correspond to the Pokemon that were available on that version of Pokemon (specific Pokemon can only be caught on a certain table). If you want to “catch ‘em all” be sure to save your progress from the Pause menu or just save it on the emulator menu.

At the beginning of a game, you randomly select what town you want to catch Pokemon from. These towns are, again, from the red and blue games. The music, like the music from the originals, is slightly annoying, but very catchy. Although the music is different between the red and blue games, they stick to the same style of tune so you know it's Pokemon. The music changes when a Pokemon appears, giving you a new, slightly childish, battle theme, however this game is intended for young kids, so....

This game definitely gives you the impression that you're playing real pinball here, as it has all the trademark symbols of a pinball table in Pokemon form.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Pokemon Trading Card Game (Gameboy Color)
It was just another typical day of Pokemon card trading with Ronald, a kid from your neighborhood. As always, you were trying to complete your collection of Pokemon Trading Cards when you overheard an ear-catching rumor...

The Legendary Pokemon Cards...mysterious and extremely rare cards held by the four greatest Pokemon card players of all time - the Grand Masters! Rumor has it, the Grand Masters are looking for one player to inherit the legend...a player who can defeat all four of the Grand player worthy of the Legendary Cards and worthy of carrying on the legend!

"I wish I could have those cards," you say to yourself. "I will be the one! I will be the player who defeats the Grand Masters and inherits the Legendary Pokemon Cards!" But by the look on Ronald's face, you can tell he has the exact same idea!

"I know," you think to yourself, "I'll enlist the help of Dr. Mason - the Pokemon Trading Card Game researcher!* He knows all there is to know about Pokemon Trading Cards! He'll teach me how to play the Trading Card Game. Then, I'll collect all the cards - including those of the Grand Masters themselves!!!"

"Why the rush, Mark?" Dr. Mason asks as you race into his lab. "THE LEGENDARY POKEMON CARDS!" He cries, after hearing your plan. Thinking out loud, Dr. Mason mutters, "clearly, playing the card game is much more fun than just collecting the cards...I know this day would come...but if this truly is your dream... Perhaps, with my help..."

Suddenly he turns to you and warns, "you'll never get those cards if you aren't dedicated."

"I am ready to do whatever it takes to defeat the Grand Masters," you assure him.

"Very well, then! You must not simply learn the card game - you must master it! Start with this deck! Your deck is the set of cards you will use in duels. One deck consists of 60 cards. Your first opponent will be my assistant, Sam. First, we'll tell you the basics of the game. Then, I'll help you through your first duel!"

* Research pieces of paper? Dr. Mason needs to get a life...
--from the Game Boy Color Pokemon Trading Card Game instruction manual

This game is based on one of the biggest crazes in the late 1990s. It's the Pokémon Trading Card Game. No longer you will hear "Somebody stole my Charizard" and "That guy over there ripped up my Zapdos" from little kids. Instead, all your cards, players, and tables can be safely found in one little black Game Boy cartridge. Here's an overview of the Game Boy version of the card game. First you start out selecting a deck somewhat like the main Red and Blue versions. After you chose your deck, you go practice with one of your buddies. When that's over, the real competition starts. Every time you beat a character, you get a pack of cards, not like the real ones. With those, you can build the team of your dreams. But the real excitement starts when you beat "bosses" and get very rare cards, even those not found in real life. Don't forget, you can trade and battle with another player, like in the main games. I have played this game on a real GB and I was amazed on how well Nintendo made this game. The only thing I want improved is that the game should be updated more frequently as sets of the real cards come out.

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Pokemon: Blue Version Gameboy Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Blue Version (Gameboy)
You are an 11-year old boy living in Pallet Town with your mother. Your rival lives next door to you. You and your rival used to play nicely together when you were little, but lately, he has become mean. He sees you as his rival because you are the same age and height. You also get similar grades in school. When you hear that Professor Oak is learning about Pokémon, you get excited because you are a curious boy. You walk outside of Pallet Town in search of Pokémon and you hear a voice.

"Hey! Don't go into the grass!" It was Professor Oak. "There are wild Pokémon living in the grass," he said. "They can be very dangerous. If you have trained Pokémon, you can let them fight against wild ones."

Professor Oak took you back to his lab where your rival was waiting. Professor Oak invited him because he is Professor Oak's grandson. Professor Oak spoke, "There are three Pokémon here, so take the one you like! Now that you have a Pokémon, the rest is up to you..."
--from the Game Boy Pokémon game manual

1998, the US would never be the same. The original Pokémon games(Red and Blue) hit America by storm. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing the Pokémon. Now it's on Console Classix and it's just as good as ever.

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Pokemon: Crystal Version Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Crystal Version (Gameboy Color)
You live a world where special creatures roam the land and sea. These creatures are called Pokemon. Some people have them to train and battle with, others have them as pets to play with. You go out on an adventure to become the ultimate Pokemon master. To go about this, you come across different types of Pokemon, catching and training them along the way. You must also battle some of the best of the best to prove yourself. Can you do it?

If you've played either Pokemon Gold or Silver, playing this game would seem like a waste, considering it's very similar to them. But that doesn't make it a bad play, in any sense. The graphics are sounds are very well put together, each Pokemon having their own unique cry or call. The game-play is just like the other Pokemon RPG genres before it. So, if you haven't played Pokemon Gold or Silver yet, try out this one. Recommended for any RPG or Pokemon fan out there.

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Pokemon: Fire Red Gameboy Advance Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Fire Red (Gameboy Advance)
A GBA remake of the classic Pokemon red version for the original game boy, this version has updated the old red version and filled it with lots of new concepts which they have taken from the games they've made in between, gold, silver, crystal etc. Certain new features include an experience gauge below the hit points bar in the battle screen. A tutorial before the game starts, extra side quests, adopted new styles of game play from newer Pokemon games, and, 3 new islands.

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Pokemon: Gold Version Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Gold Version (Gameboy Color)
Your Adventure Begins
In this world live creatures called Pokemon. Humans and Pokemon have lived, worked and played together in harmony for ages. Nevertheless, there are still numerous mysteries surrounding them. In order to find out more about these strange and marvelous creatures, many scientists--such as Professor Elm of New Bark Town--have dedicated their lives to Pokemon research.

Recently, while he was busy with his research, Professor Elm received some mail from one of his acquaintances, Mr. Pokemon. The message said, "I've discovered something fantastic! Please come and see it!!!" Unfortunately, Professor Elm was far too busy to leave his lab, so he called a friend to help him--a young boy named Gold.

"Please go in my place and see what Mr. Pokemon has discovered," said Professor Elm. Always kind and curious, Gold agreed to help.

The Professor then showed Gold three Pokemon and said, "Choose one of these Pokemon to take along with you." Gold was thrilled! This was the first Pokemon had ever had!

Just then, Gold noticed that someone had been lurking in the shadows outside, watching all this through the window. it appeared to be a boy about the same age as Gold, so Gold decided to go outside to talk to him. But when Gold approached the boy, he pushed him backwards, saying, "What are you looking at?!?"

Who was this strange boy, and what had Mr. Pokemon discovered? You're about to find out...
--from the Game Boy Pokemon Gold instruction manual

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Pokemon: Puzzle Challenge Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Puzzle Challenge (Gameboy Color)
This puzzle game is a lot of fun and highly addictive, consider yourself warned. The graphics look very good and have bright colors. There are a lot of different sound effects for all the different combos, which makes for excellent gameplay. The game has several variations that add to its already high replayability. The controls are simple, so you will be able to try long, fast combos. With three difficulty levels on speed, and a plethora on both garbage and computer opponent mode, there are several levels of master. Pile all this on top of a pop culture icon theme, and you have a game that will definitely keep you coming back.

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Pokemon: Red Version Gameboy Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Red Version (Gameboy)
This (and Blue) is the game that started a craze worldwide! People everywhere (including me) wanted to battle and trade their favorite monsters. It became so popular that bosses and teachers decided to take away and ban trainers' Pokémon games. Pokémon also spawned a TV show, trading cards, clothing, toys, food, and books. Now that the craze is over, you can experience the hit game right here at CC.

The characters and story are exactly the same as Pokemon Blue, the only difference is the types of monsters that can appear.

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Pokemon: Silver Version Gameboy Color Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Silver Version (Gameboy Color)
The counterpart to Gold, Pokemon Silver is very similar to the other Pokemon games as far as story and game-play, but with its own unique monsters to collect. Trade with your friends and get them all!

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Pokemon: Yellow Version Gameboy Screenshot 1
Pokemon: Yellow Version (Gameboy)
Pokemon are the creatures of the world trainers around the world use to battle in Pokemon Tournaments to become the number one Pokemon Master! You play as Ash, an up-and-coming young man who goes on his own quest to become Pokemon Master. However, Professor Oak, genius of Pokemon all around, stops him, and brings him to his lab. Ash is then given a Pokemon, namely Pikachu (who has become one of the most renowned Pokemon in the world). With his new companion, Ash must catch other wild Pokemon, and be on his own way to fulfill his destiny.

This game is a masterpiece of an RPG. It's pretty much either Pokemon Red or Blue, only you have little Pikachu following you everywhere, like in the TV show. But that doesn't make it unexciting. All controls and battle systems are similar. Same goes with sound and graphics.

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