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Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Streets of Rage (Sega Genesis)
Turmoil in the Streets!

What was once a happy, peaceful, productive city, full of life and activity, has fallen into the hands of a secret criminal syndicate. The leader of the syndicate has somehow managed to keep his identity a secret. The organization soon absorbed the city government (anyone can be had if the price is right). They even have the metropolitan police force in their back pocket. Looting, random violence ands destruction are rampant. No one is safe walking the streets, day or night...

As the chaos continued at full strength, three young police officers tried to establish a special attack unit. They were repeatedly refused by their superiors, most of whom had either been bought by the organization or were too afraid to make a stand. One day, when they could no longer stand by and watch their city being demolished, they quit the force!

Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding decided to forego their careers in legal law enforcement and put their lives on the line. They are without weapons, but each possesses great hand-to-hand combat abilities. Take them into the heart of the city and battle the most dangerous wave of bad dudes and chicks ever assembled. Make the city a place where people no longer have to walk the Streets of Rage!
--from the Genesis Streets of Rage instruction manual

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Streets of Rage Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
Streets of Rage (Sega GameGear)

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Streets of Rage 2 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Streets of Rage 2 (Sega Genesis)
This Time It's Personal!

One year has passed since ex-peace officers Adam hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding broke the Syndicate's hold and destroyed its leader, the mysterious "Mr. X." Peace has returned to the streets, people are moving back into the once-vacant neighborhoods, and the city has returned to prosperity.

On the anniversary of the Syndicate's destruction, Adam, Axel and Blaze meet at their favorite nightspot to commemorate the occasion and catch up on the latest news. Both Axel and Blaze have moved out of the city. Axel is working as a bodyguard, and Blaze is teaching dance. Adam has rejoined the police force, and has moved into a small house on the edge of the city with his kid brother. The three celebrate until late in the night, and make plans to meet at the same place next year.

As he plans to check out of his hotel the next day, Axel receives a frantic phone call from Eddie "Skate" Hunter. He had arrived home from school to find the house a total ruin. He'd called the police department, but nobody there had seen or heard from his brother since early that morning.

Both Axel and Blaze rush to Adam's home. Windows had been shattered and furniture smashed. Stuck on the remains of the splintered front door is a photo: Adam in chains, lying at the feet of the man they recognize only too well!

Adam's disappearance marks the beginning of the nightmare. Criminal elements swarm out to reclaim the streets. Gangs roam the parks, and bomb-wielding bikers make the roads deadly to travel at night. Beatings and lootings take place regularly and in broad daylight. Chaos reigns in the city, far worse than ever before!

Axel and Blaze try to contact their old friends at the force, the ones who once provided backup with heavy artillery. But everyone they know has either been fired or transferred elsewhere. This time the Syndicate is in complete control, and the two ex-cops are on their own!

Assisted by Adam's brother Skate and Axel's friend Max, Axel and Blaze set out to rescue Adam and destroy Mr. X once and for all. Standing in their way is the nastiest collection of punks and brawlers ever assembled. Add to that a force of professional fighters specially groomed to take them out of the picture!

As one of the four young vigilantes -- or together with a friend -- you'll battle with your fists and feet, and attack with whatever weapon you come across. Once more, you walk the Streets of Rage!
--From the Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2 instruction manual.

A big step up form the original Streets of Rage, this game provided four characters to choose from, all with unique characteristics and techniques. Now for the first time you could use a special attack, even more than once throughout a level, rather than simply call on the police and have them desert you afterward.

Every character was scaled slightly larger, giving a more in-the-face feel, and more enemies were added (notably Donavon and The Weird Ninjas).

Bosses grew out of their boring stage into mini-bosses and huge end of level bosses. A ride gone mad alien head will attack as well as a guy with daggers a many.

The bottle was removed from the game, but the weapons are still there, even a new shuriken was added... just what the bad ninjas needed... and a nice sword! Now you could hack your way through the levels.

The storyline keeps you involved this time, as you progress through each level, knowing where you are heading next. Save Adam and rescue the city, all in under 2 hours... Life is Sweet, Very Sweet!

9 out of 10! ENJOY!

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Streets of Rage 2 Sega GameGear Screenshot 1
Streets of Rage 2 (Sega GameGear)
A big step up from the original Streets of Rage, even if it's a step down from the consoles. This feature-rich title on Genesis turns into a watered-down portable in a disappointing way. Three simple statements can sum up this game... Less Characters, Less Options, and Less Room!

Everything about the run of the mill beat'em'up is still here, with a few exceptions. The run of the mill is exactly the problem, for such an amazing game and hyped port, this was, as I said, a disappointment. The game-play feels a bit awkward at times, jumping from such a grand scale to a few simple moves. Not all the complex maneuvers found in the home version of this game are there, and it really makes the game as a beat'em'up feel lacking. Some of the weapons are gone, life bars don't exist on 90% of enemies (thanks to smaller screen), and levels are shortened and entirely flat, giving a lot less depth to the game. The enemies are all still there, surprisingly enough, but lack names and fewer of them. This sometimes stings the game-play, as if they felt, to make up for fewer enemies, they had to make them impossible to defeat. Even more harsh is the fact that to keep game-play alive they made it faster. Though faster could be better, this makes it frantic, confusing. As an added bonus however, special moves no longer require health. This comes in handy while facing bosses.

Every character essentially looks and feels the same. This is a big disappointment with already lacking character sprites and other nice graphics. Unlike the Genesis, where there was a severe sense of speed and strength. But surprisingly, almost all the destructible objects are present, as well mini-bosses. But those too are missing some, as the levels in the game have been taken from 8 to 5, just as in the original SOR port.

Bosses grew out of their boring stage into mini-bosses and huge end of level bosses. Thank goodness, or else bosses would have been utterly worthless and as annoying as the enemies throughout the levels. This part stays quite loyal to the Genesis, and you can see the purposefully used levels that repeat bosses.

The storyline keeps you just as involved. Adam, from the original SOR, has been kidnapped, and Blaze informs Axel that it could be the Syndicate! Back again are this evil group to take over the city and a new recharged Mr. X is here to see the city crumble! Now, with the help of Skate, Adam's brother, you feel impelled to save Adam. Save Adam and rescue the city, all in under an hour... Life is Sweet, Very Sweet!

Unfortunately, the handheld Streets of Rage 2 lacks gameplay and some features I feel they probably could have left in, but instead sacrificed them for other un-needed features.

I have to give SOR 2 a 6 out 10.

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Streets of Rage 3 Sega Genesis Screenshot 1
Streets of Rage 3 (Sega Genesis)
In my opinion this is the best Sega Genesis game made. Its unraveling story keeps you wanting more, and Sega's hidden secrets throughout the game make you want to find them all and beat the game even faster.

The story involves several mind-jarring twists, such as Mr. X's robot and the mayor being kidnapped and replaced by a bot himself, makes you question if you went the wrong way or what you could have done to change the story even more!

The game takes you through several levels, some even hidden from the players. From the alleyway to the night club, then a construction site to a lab of maniac robots, the game is sure to tickle anyone's fancy.

Play the game many times to see the differing endings (4 of them in all) and use my secrets at the bottom for added fun and possibly faster play! You are sure to want to play this game for hours wanting to defeat Shiva, Roo, and Mona and Lisa the twins (Mona LISA ha Sega is brilliant).

The grown move list, the more weapons, the great amount of oddly similar enemies, the damage by bombs, the insanely difficult bosses, everything will keep you wrapped to your computer just to say you've truly beaten Streets Of Rage 3!

Music and Sound made SOR3 above all else, alongside its flawless animation! The sound makes you feel as if you're actually in the streets, slashing up bad guys. The music is intense and sets the mood for each level, keeping you interested in the game, without annoying repetitiveness! I'd love to have this game as a soundtrack!

I give Streets Of Rage 3 a 10 out of 10!

Best Genesis Game Ever!

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