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Activision AnthologyGBA
Boxing Legends of the RingGEN
Boxing Legends of the RingSNES
Chavez 2GEN
Chavez BoxingSNES
Evander Holyfield BoxingSGG
Evander Holyfield Real Deal BoxingGEN
Foreman For RealSNES
Foreman For RealSGG
George Foreman's KO BoxingGEN
George Foreman's KO BoxingSNES
George Foreman's KO BoxingSGG
Greatest HeavyweightsGEN
James Buster Douglas Knockout BoxingGEN
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!NES
Muhammad Ali Heavyweight BoxingGEN
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingGBC
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingN64
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2N64
Riddick Bowe BoxingSNES
Riddick Bowe BoxingSGG
Ring KingNES
Rocky Super Action BoxingCOL
Super Punch-Out!!SNES
World ChampNES