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007 Everything or NothingGBA
Activision AnthologyGBA
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole RisingGBA
Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's RevengeGBA
Barbie Horse Adventures Blue Ribbon RaceGBA
BeyBlade VForce Ultimate Blader JamGBA
BMX Trick RacerGBA
Castlevania Double PackGBA
Crazy Taxi: Catch A RideGBA
Fairly Odd Parents! Breakin' Da RulesGBA
Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceGBA
Fire EmblemGBA
Golden Sun The Lost AgeGBA
Iridion 2GBA
Mario & Luigi Superstar SagaGBA
Max PayneGBA
Mega Man & BassGBA
Mega Man Battle Network 3 BlueGBA
Mega Man Battle Network 3 WhiteGBA
Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black PearlGBA
Rugrats Go WildGBA
Shrek: Reekin' HavocGBA
Simpsons Road RageGBA
Star Wars Flight of the FalconGBA
Sword Of ManaGBA